A older high end phone vs a cheaper new phone?

rayonline_tm, Aug 8, 10:26am
I was on pricespy and sorted by popularity, I see the Samsung S7 still near the top of the list.

If is looking at something like a new in box, $450 Samsung S7 (not current model today) vs a current model Huawai Nova $400. The Samsung might be 32GB and the Huawai 64GB. What does the S7 more? What sort of user would they benefit?

Dad's Samsung J5 with the 8GB is running out of space and slow, he's had it for 4yrs. Basically just make telephone calls, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, maybe banking, news sites, cooking and health videos etc. I have ran some cleaning apps, and there is just nothing to clear now. 400MB free.


vtecintegra, Aug 8, 10:31am
The main area you'll notice differences in screen and camera (the S7 is vastly better in those regards)

The Huawei mentioned is a more modern design so has the taller screen that is currently fashionable.

nice_lady, Aug 8, 10:45am
Did any of these 'cleaning apps' clear the cache for ALL apps ?
This can make a considerable difference.
The cache can be 1GB or more at times.

macman26, Aug 8, 10:51am
Why not get a micro SD card for it. It supports up to 128GB

rayonline_tm, Aug 8, 11:23am
Clean my Android app - have run it so often that wasn't much I could get from it. Under settings - storage; the cached data was just ~100MB.

We did put in a 4GB micro SD, but not all the data can be stored on the card. He didn't have much photographs and videos, it was mainly app and app related data.

nice_lady, Aug 8, 11:31am
Yeah fair nuff. 8GB is pathetic these days and barely enough since the operating system uses part of that. You can auto direct the photos and videos etc to be stored on the SD card.

peanuts37, Aug 8, 11:34am
Huawei would be my pick.

rayonline_tm, Aug 8, 11:39am
With the diskusage app it shows the internal storage is 4.64GB after the OS I suppose. Of that 2.85GB are used for apps. 140MB of media data. . 973MB for system data and 711MB of empty space. The largest app is WeChat ~400MB and G Drive 70MB for example.

Yeah . the SD Card had 400MB moved there before.

Edit. Oh yep I just moved 400MB WeChat to SD card. Still not much.

csador, Aug 8, 12:11pm
The S7 does have a very good camera, not sure what the ones on huawei are like

ianab, Aug 8, 5:24pm
Problem with the J5 is they came preloaded with crap ware that you can't delete, so 7 of your 8gb is already used. I was given one, but gave up using it, and went back to my J1. Still only had 8 gb of Ram, but at least you had ~3gb that you could actually use.

Now have a Samsung A8 (32gb + SD card) that I'm pretty happy with. Not as fancy as the S series phones, but still decent.

nice_lady, Aug 8, 5:53pm
Yeah - right lol Hubbys Sony Xperia Xz1, (2 month old $1000 phone), only has 4GB ram.

peanuts37, Aug 8, 7:16pm
Mine is a $400 phone and has 6GB of ram.

nice_lady, Aug 8, 7:27pm
Whoppie do. that's nice. however this wasn't meant to be any kind of pissing contest and I'm not particuarly interested in your phone - I was merely making a comment on the following :

"J1. Still only had 8 gb of Ram"

The above is impossible.

peanuts37, Aug 8, 7:40pm
I think we got what they meant, a phone is just a phone. What's a $1000 got to do with it, a years time their all old hat technically.

ianab, Aug 8, 8:00pm
Sorry, slightly wrong terminology.

RAM is Random Access Memory. There is "system RAM", which the CPU accesses directly, and "storage RAM", which is more like a SD card or SSD. But it's still technically RAM.

As phones don't have a "hard disk" like a PC it's more difficult to differentiate between the different types of memory chip.

And mainly pointing out the main problem with the J5, which is the pre-loaded crap ware that uses all your "storage". The cheaper J1 was actually more usable as it had more storage for installing the apps people actually want. Even though the "storage" was the same. how much is still available it what mattered.

sw20, Aug 8, 8:02pm
Storage isn't called RAM.

ianab, Aug 8, 8:11pm
Technically it is.

Back in the "dark times" memory was either "random" or "sequential". RAM was something that you could call up any memory address as needed. Sequential was basically like a "tape" drive.

SD cards and SSD drives are basically "RAM" chips, with a slightly different interface. You don't have to rewind them to retrieve the contents.

But all this is getting away from what sort of phone the OP should buy.

Checking the camera(s) and screen quality is a good start there.

nice_lady, Aug 8, 8:26pm
Ram is generally considered volatile memory.
Storage space is not.

duncb, Aug 8, 11:58pm
8GB Rom is far to little now. You will get by with 16GB but I recommend 32 for a bit of future proofing. As always I recommend looking at an Xiaomi. Not well know in NZ but great value for money and reliable. How about this. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 5.99 inch, 2160 x 1080 Pixel Screen 3GB RAM+32GB ROM 13.0MP front camera + 12.0MP + 5.0MP dual back cameras Fingerprint Sensor. About $260

bryshaw, Aug 9, 7:44am
Samsung A8 does it all for a reasonable cost, even looks like a flash 1k model.

kevymtnz, Sep 27, 4:43am
My J5 is 32gb need 16 as a min now

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