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paora-tm, Jul 28, 8:29pm
I use the speedtest which comes up in google search (m-labs) which shows pitiful speeds. Then I use the one which Spark directs us to and everything looks almost fullspeed. Why is that?

suicidemonkey, Jul 28, 8:31pm
Connection speeds to different servers will vary.

paora-tm, Jul 28, 8:50pm
So should I accept that the Spark one is truthful?

gpg58, Jul 28, 8:53pm
i use
No idea of accuracy, but seems very consistent in results, unlike some apps i tried (8ms/67.3/28)

vtecintegra, Jul 28, 8:53pm
They're both as 'truthful' as each other

paora-tm, Jul 28, 9:06pm
Is it possible that the speed for international sites is set lower than speeds for national sites? A lot lower.

ross1970, Jul 28, 9:20pm
It's the opposite for large high traffic global sites, they're are so aggressively cached by isps and cdns they may as well be local.
For low traffic random overseas sites, simple physics applies.

suicidemonkey, Jul 28, 9:37pm
Nothing to do with truth, both tests are accurate - different servers = different connection speeds. A lot of factors at play such as location of the server, the speed it can provide, etc.

If you're with Spark, their test is probably a good representation of your maximum connection speed.

lythande1, Jul 29, 12:40pm
Clear your cache then run them.

a2znz, Jul 31, 7:55pm
Ookla says my Download speed is 9.7 Mb/s on a Wellington server but the app on my computer records varying speeds from 59 B/s to 540 KiB/s during the same period. I'm on Rural Broadband. Was told I could expect 12 M/s but have never exceeded 1.5 Mb/s.

nice_lady, Jul 31, 7:58pm
What app ?
And 59B/s means nothing can you be more precise in relating the speed measured ?

If indeed it really was 59B/s . well that's about 1000 times slower than a dial up modem - literally.

And this isn't correct either "540 KiB/s"
I've never heard of KiB/s

henry284, Jul 31, 7:59pm
Don't forget that 9.7Mbps is equal to 1.21MB/s

8 bits to every byte.

ira78, Aug 1, 9:15am
It's a Kibibyte. The international Electrotechnical Commission standard for 1024 bytes, Kibi being the prefix for 1024. Rather than kilo which is the prefix meaning 1000. Except in computers, where kilo most of the time means 1024, but sometimes means 1000. And in many situations it means 1024, but is still rounded to 1000.
There's also the mebibyte, gibibyte, tebibyte and so on.

nice_lady, Aug 1, 9:25am
Oh how wonderfully useful.

ross1970, Aug 1, 9:26am
You're either working in powers of 2 or powers of 10. Networking should always be the first.

mrfxit, Aug 1, 11:34am
Your true speed will be a average combo of internet speed testing on various test website & locations plus what your eyes are telling you on your browser

mrfxit, Aug 1, 11:44am
90% of ppl on the internet think they have a direct connection to any specfic website & if it's an NZ site, they think the connection stays in NZ.

nice_lady, Aug 1, 11:46am
90% of internet users are like 90% of car drivers - they have NO idea of how the thing works - as long as it does that's all that matters.

cptdarling, Aug 1, 2:01pm
It all works with magic smoke. Ever noticed that when most electric items cease to work they emit a puff of smoke? That's the magic smoke escaping and thus the item will no longer work.

mrfxit, Aug 1, 4:13pm
Lucas can supply replacement smoke for most devices.

kevymtnz, Aug 10, 6:59pm
spark are liars

nice_lady, Aug 10, 7:04pm
Hmm ?
Elucidate please

gibler, Aug 10, 7:34pm
A real local test:

There can be many things going on. strange ISP caching, overloaded backhauls, ISPs poor international connectivity, traffic directed through crappy US upstream providers, bad ISP traffic shaping, strange international traffic routing, badly hosted websites and if you hit Content delivery networks. School Holidays are pretty bad for internet speed in NZ. driver downloads seem really slow from my work, for example.

intrade, Aug 11, 1:24pm
the problem is speed can vary quite extreem like here i sometimes get dialup speeds and when everyone is of the internet during the week i Got the other night 4.5mb down from a server in berlin via
internet traffic is subject similar to auckland traffic . if all the morons are gone and you have a fast car you can go as fast as the it can . Sortof in a way not exactly of course because in auckland you would not drive fast for long lol But i hope you understand how speed and conjestion works. the bottle neck can be in all sorts of places .

intrade, Aug 11, 1:28pm
2.56mb right now really good for a wet weekend where every last conection in the exchange be streaming some videos if they can.
i am 3.6km from the exchange i know because i called telecom and corus over 100 times to repair the line at some point you know every last thing about it lol

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