Opinion on this server please ?

pixma, Jul 12, 9:18am
Opinion on this server please ? Hiya, Just for a home situation. It would be used by me and a few friends would be allowed access to it as well. It has 320GB of storage via two harddrives, would probably replace those with 2 X 500GB harddrives. Any idea of a good operating system ? pef. Linux. 165496061- cheers

charles.j, Jul 12, 9:26am
You could use FreeNAS for the operating system. thats what i'm using here on my old server...

pixma, Jul 12, 9:28am
O.K I was thing more of the likes of Ubuntu Server Edition ?

flewy, Jul 12, 9:31am
What are you going to serve??

charles.j, Jul 12, 9:34am
Ubuntu server..never had any GUI. well atleast i dont think so lol. FreeNAS works great here. you just login via your browser when you need to. Supports Raid and a whole lot of other things too.

flewy, Jul 12, 9:36am
Yeah + there is a lot of extra setting up with ubuntu server ed, FreeNas is a great option.

pixma, Jul 12, 9:37am
is it well supported ? I mean like updates ? , wouldn't you like to know hehe

swivel, Jul 12, 9:46am
Not bad for use as a server But all depends on what your using it for, If for a game server it's fine, for files etc then over the top. For the server software. Just think of the use, and the software will be easy (and think ahead as you will probably put more ram in). Have to say the seller is a bit bold with the statement at the bottom " Better value for money than IBM, HP (Hewlett Packard), Compaq, ASUS, ACER servers" Don't think so with the IBM's

pyro_sniper2002, Jul 12, 9:55am
Do you not think he maybe just put that in there for keyword spam? Windows Home Server is rather good in a home situation in my experience, not Linux, nor free i know, but still an option.

pixma, Jul 12, 9:57am
Windows Home ServerPMSL...I was trying to stay away from M$ and Windows.

pyro_sniper2002, Jul 12, 9:59am
Have you tried it?

pixma, Jul 12, 10:00am
You have got a point but do you use it ?

pyro_sniper2002, Jul 12, 10:04am
I used it for a while but tbh I dont have a use for a home server, I have one PC with a RAID5 with all my data on it, and no real need to share it. If i had a use for a server I would be using it.

pixma, Jul 12, 10:11am
Its justSo its called Windows Home Server. ahhh...lol...its just being a M$ product you have to think of the security side, or lack of ;(

pixma, Jul 12, 10:17am
I am now downloading Windows Server 2008, via torrent. ;)

pyro_sniper2002, Jul 12, 10:23am
Lol well as long as your not going overkill or anything :P

pixma, Jul 12, 10:25am
Lol and its the 'lite' version. No stupid min system requirements. ;)

pixma, Jul 12, 10:27am
LOL!!! Comment of a torrent website about M$ server; "you got to be completely crazy to use windoze as a server, and you're a criminial if you put such server on the internet "

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