Why would the screen to motherboard laptop cable

olack, Mar 19, 12:52pm
. melt the laptop case. Bad power somehow, but what exactly? Can we throw around some ideas here? The power adapters I tried both are compatible with the laptop. The first laptop is overrated for the info under the laptop battery on the laptop base @ 19V 4.5A and the rating printed on the laptop is 19V 3.42A and is the rating of the smaller power adapter. I do not think I can have connected any wires any differently to the laptop and the motherboard because they would not fit and there is only a few to connect. Asus X55C laptop. What happened is, I dropped the motherboard onto a carpet and after reassembling began to burn and before this the laptop would power up but nothing n the screen and no boot. The casing by the cables from the screen by the hinge to the motherboard has melted. Just wondering what has really happened to cause the burning because I have bought a replacement motherboard, fan and keyboard and do not want to damage that too. Is it possible a faulty keyboard could do this?

spyware, Mar 19, 6:41pm
I don't know what "bad power" is but if you're using such terms and thinking in such a manner you shoudn't be repairing laptops.

Most logical people would conclude that there is a short somewhere.

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 6:47pm
Yerp sounds like a short.

nice_lady, Mar 19, 8:06pm
Not 'Bad Power' rofl. Bad assembly maybe ? A short definitely.

duncb, Mar 19, 10:26pm
I really don't understand your original message but. just because the adapter voltage is correct and it supplies sufficient amperage does not mean it is compatible with you laptop. You also need to check the polarity is correct. In simple terms you need to make sure that the inner pin (- or +) is the same on both the adapter and the computer

emmerson1, Jan 6, 8:52am
As the ex-owner of many folding pocket computers, I can tell you that flexible connectors are notorious for failing. I would suspect from your (slightly random), story that the flat cable got pinched or torn a bit, creating a short.

Any 'bad power' that I can think of (mains overvoltage, brownout, bad phase thingy), would not make it through the power adapter to the laptop. If the voltage is wrong (why would D-Link make a series of modems and routers that use DIFFERENT VOLTAGES?), then the most likely part to let go of its smoke is likely to be between the plug and the motherboard, not further downstream.

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