magnaman, Dec 27, 8:15pm
I have a brother mfc-470dw which had a paper jam
I cleared the paper, but now the computer cant pick up the printer
Any ideas whats wrong?

peanuts37, Dec 28, 12:11am
Restart both.

magnaman, Dec 28, 10:49am
I have restarted both

suicidemonkey, Dec 28, 11:28am
Take advantage of Brother's 4 year warranty and give them a buzz, they're very helpful.

greenforde, Dec 28, 11:30am
Do you have the USB cord attached?

magnaman, Dec 28, 12:57pm
yep the printer is getting the message from the computer now but doesnt activate printer

aprilguy, Dec 28, 5:17pm

gsimpson, Dec 28, 5:18pm
I have had this problem that seems to be caused by paper dust residue on the rollers that rest on the paper where it picks it up.
Cleaned with alcohol and worked ok. (that's meths or isopropyl alcohol not Gin etc.)

nice_lady, Dec 28, 6:40pm
Hubby once poured about a third of a bottle of 12 yr old Chivas Regal through the print heads on our old canon printer. It was the only thing he had nearest to 'pure' alcohol. Think it helped a bit.

magnaman, Dec 29, 8:03am
The Brother help team set it up to go wirelessly and its as good as new
Thanksfor the tips

gsimpson, Dec 29, 11:46am
What was the alignment of the head like after that though. (until it sobered up)

nice_lady, Dec 29, 12:35pm
Oh well HE seemed alright. The printer survived the experience also.

tmg, Dec 29, 6:10pm
Hahaha VG

urbanrefugee54, Mar 9, 6:10pm
although I've not had a paper jam. my computer doesn't seem to 'see' the printer that is attached to it with a usb. then I remembered that there had been a 'update' & it seems that I might have to delete & redo drivers. but unless you actually have the driver disks. don't delete - but put them on a usb or ?

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