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lj1422, Sep 4, 4:28am
I hope someone can help with this. My friend borrowed my Microsoft surface last week and went to Australia. Since time is connected the surface changed to NSW time.

However now that it is back here it is still on oz time. It is functioning fine but the time on emails is still going out with Oz time on them.

I've tried changing the time manually but it doesn't change the time on the emails and since I work from home I need the correct time to show on emails.

The Microsoft surface was used for a presentation and an IT person did the connecting.

Does anyone have any advice o how to fix it or alternatively how this would have been done so I can try working backwards?


nice_lady, Sep 4, 5:45am

black-heart, Sep 4, 9:16am
You will want to set the time zone back to NZ. go to settings (cog) time & language

lj1422, Sep 4, 9:26am
Thanks for that nice_lady. I've tried these suggestions but it is still sending my emails as if in Oz.

Is my only option to do a reset?

lj1422, Sep 4, 9:54am
I've changed the settings, I did that first and the correct time showed on the surface but when I sent an email it showed me in Oz time.

Is my only option a factory reset? I really don't want to do one if I can avoid it.

r.g.nixon, Sep 4, 10:57am
What program do you use for email?

nice_lady, Sep 4, 11:35am
Do not do a factory reset that'll cause you many more problems.
Answer question #6

black-heart, Sep 4, 12:01pm
Ok go back to the settings cog, time and language.
Now click the region & language is that region set to NZ ?

lj1422, Sep 4, 2:34pm

the region and language is set to NZ.

It is gmail using Microsoft edge.

nice_lady, Sep 4, 3:24pm
Google to the rescue :

How do I correct the time on my Gmail?
Visit lj1422, Sep 4, 4:16pm
Thanks so much. I wish I had thought to google it earlier.

nice_lady, Sep 4, 4:32pm
Well even Techs don't know everything but once we'd ascertained HOW you were accessing your mail, (in this case Edge/gmail/web), THEN we could figure out where the issue was.

gabbysnana, Sep 4, 6:44pm
And reboot your device so that changes can take effect.

lj1422, Sep 12, 6:06pm
Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate all your advice

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