Max Speed Wifi Adapter

mr-word, Mar 15, 4:38pm
for the Spark/Vodafone router Huawei H659B router what kind of
Wireless adapter should I buy?

I was thinking it may be an AC600 wifi adapter which can run 300megabits.

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 5:04pm
The H659 does 802.11ac. I don't know about the H659B.

gyrogearloose, Mar 15, 5:11pm
I think the AC1200 adapter would give twice the speed of the AC600, and the AC5300 even more.

trade_menow, Mar 15, 6:07pm
the thing to remember with the 5ghz band is the signal wont reach very far - throw in a few walls and it reduces even further
and op Spark have 2 modem's for fibre the Hg59b is there basic router - it only has 2.4ghz and the 4 wired ports are only 100mpbs . the HG659b has dual band wifi and 4 gigabit ports

mr-word, Mar 15, 6:12pm
I know the router is AC capable. But i'd like someone who has tried some wifi adapters which will go well with this modem.
It can do AC on the 80mhz channel. I know it can do wireless N 150mb.
Yes the router is dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

vtecintegra, Mar 15, 8:01pm

trade_menow, Mar 16, 2:12pm

i have the HG659b as supplied from spark - i have a tp link archer t4u which is dual band - its rated as 802.11ac / ac1200 the blurb on the box says 867 @ 5ghz and 300 @ 2.4ghz

plugged into a USB 3.0 port and heres my speedtest on the 5ghz band and this is the result on the 2.4ghz band

vtecintegra, Mar 16, 2:18pm
Well obviously you?

trade_menow, Mar 16, 2:25pm
yes the bottleneck being im on a 100 / 20 plan - but that doesnt bother me and wifi speed is also fine but for you to say " You?

trade_menow, Mar 16, 2:30pm
and further above i stuffed up in the modems model numbers
what i meant was HG630B ( which is shit ) and the HG659b - which has dual band and gigabit ports

vtecintegra, Mar 16, 2:57pm
If that counts as ?

trade_menow, Mar 16, 3:05pm
then get your connection tested by the isp - or ask for a replacement modem if its causing you issues - or perhaps its the design / layout of your property or your computers config and not a modem fault - but end of the day its still a good modem

ross1970, Mar 16, 3:06pm
Measuring an Ap by it's connection with one device is not really measuring it's WiFi performance at all anyway. Wait until you load it up with multiple WiFi devices, it's shortcomings become apparent.

vtecintegra, Mar 16, 3:09pm
As above it isn?

ross1970, Mar 16, 3:17pm
I'm on vdsl, my hg659 is now a bridged modem into an Edgerouter with a Unifi ac Ap off that. As a 'modem only' the hg659 is very good. As an all in one unit - modem - router- switch - Ap then it's pretty limited.

loud_37, Mar 16, 7:00pm
It all depends on your usage and needs. Our household could never rely on wireless from the modem, at a minimum there are 7 devices either streaming, downloading, transfering files and surfing. We use 3 unifi AP spread out across the house and all devices that don't move are wired via cat 6.

What are you wanting to plug the wifi adapter into?

ianab, Jan 9, 7:10am
If you are worried about speed, run a cable ;)

Wifi is always battling against radio interference, or a slower device hogging the radio bandwidth.

While a cable gives you a solid 1 gb connection, and your speed is then limited by things other than the device to router link.

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