Usb back up

pommyjohn1, Jul 30, 8:40am
I back up all my photographs to usb (jpeg) what program can I use to just add new additions without completely backing up the entire folder each time ?

king1, Jul 30, 8:45am
if you're on windows, i use Cobian from time to time - you will need the differential backup type

The problem with this though is USB drives have an annoying habit of changing drive letters on occasion which breaks the backup job, and needs to be changed.

Better option if you are on win 10 is an external hard drive and setup filehistory, super simple and very robust.

pommyjohn1, Jul 30, 9:04am
Thanks king1 the drive letter change wouldn't be a problem because I would only plug in the drive monthly to back up.I will have a look at Cobian

suicidemonkey, Oct 4, 6:56pm
Keep in mind USB drives aren't a reliable form of backup by themselves. I've had about 4 of them die in the past few months.

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