Macbook trackpad and kybrd unresponsive

angelzw, Feb 25, 11:23am
I have a Macbook A1502 with an unresponsive trackpad and keyboard. It's slowly become worse but now not working at all. I've googled and found it may be the flex cables. Seems odd as there are two and for both to go at the same time ? Or is this a thing? Would be happy to replace both as quite cheap to buy in new flex cables. Is it worth while trying or is there something more going on here? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Fairly experienced with Windows pcs and laptop repairs but not so much with Apple. Thanks in advance.

gibler, Feb 25, 1:59pm
google A1502 trackpad adjustment . check the battery isn't swelling up and putting pressure on the cables. The keyboard is part of the upper case. Looks like "fun" on the ifixit guides to replace parts.

Also look at:

angelzw, 5 days, 23 hours
Where can I purchase one of the replacement cables? In NZ pref.

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