maneqr1, Jun 18, 12:46pm
Help. Everytime I try to access Facebook from my smart phone, it tells me it has stopped working. I follow all the prompts like, "open app again" Nothing happens! I've gone into APPS and tried sorting it there by disabling and then enabling again. NOTHING! In the APPS section, I can see the Facebook blue icon app. there is also 2 green app icons - 1 says "Facebook App Installer" & "Facebook App Manager" then there is one icon that has a blue background & looks like the wifi sign on its side & has a red dot in the top right hand corner. Haven't touched these icons - a bit scared to! Can anyone help - please.

suicidemonkey, Jun 18, 2:15pm
In the same screen where you disabled the app, there should be an option to clear data and cache. Do this. It will mean you have to login again but should sort out any issues.

Also make sure the app is updated to the latest version.

nice_lady, Jun 18, 2:28pm
And your phone is a what ? Apple ? Android ?
And the version of whatever operating system it runs is ?

suicidemonkey, Jun 18, 2:30pm
It's obviously Android.

nice_lady, Jun 18, 2:41pm
Yeah ? And that's what I suspect but anyway the thing could be 5 years old and seriously out of date ? Who knows.

suicidemonkey, Jun 18, 3:12pm
The method to clear the cache etc should pretty much be the same if OP has already found the app disable function.

But yeah be good to get a bit more info.

vtecintegra, Jun 18, 3:27pm
Easiest solution is to forget about the Facebook app.

Instead open your browser (it'll be called "Chrome' or 'Internet' or 'Browser' depending on what sort phone you have and go to m.facebook.com

kevymtnz, Jun 18, 3:30pm
i avoid m.facebook id rather logon with the app or net directly
uninstall restart ph redownload

suicidemonkey, Jun 18, 3:38pm
Why. the mobile version is totally inferior to the app in terms of functionality.

vtecintegra, Jun 18, 3:44pm
I haven't found that at all - the mobile site is much faster, more stable and has a better UI. The extra 'functionality' is completely unwanted as far as I'm concerned.

The app is 300+ MB (on iOS at least) and constantly needs updating

suicidemonkey, Jun 18, 5:33pm
I disagree. My experience is completely the opposite. But each to their own :)

Then again I use Facebook primarily for business purposes so maybe our uses differ.

cognition, Nov 3, 3:00am
Assuming it's an Android, If you haven't done so already, "Clear data" on the app (Every Android phone is slightly different, so can't be specific). then Login Again.

If still no go.
1. "Delete Data" on the app again (for good measure),
2. Disable the app (will return it to factory version) then re-enable the app (However may be a version that is no longer supported)
3. You will then need to go to the "Play store" and update the App.
4. Login again.

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