White screen on laptop

hkjoe, Feb 5, 1:53pm
My Acer S3 laptop screen failed (blank screen) in Oct last year. I purchased a complete 2nd hand screen from TM, which the seller fitted. Now that has 'failed', with just a 'white' screen showing.

I have seen various 'fixes' on internet/youtube.

Does anyone have a definitive answer to fixing this problem, or has the screen failed again?

Thanks in advance.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 2:40pm
If you plug the laptop into an external screen what shows up on that screen ?

hkjoe, Feb 5, 2:58pm
working fine on external screen

nice_lady, Feb 5, 3:05pm
OK could be the internal cable, plug, the screen itself. It would seem odd for two screens to die so i'm picking the cable or plug.

hkjoe, Feb 6, 10:16am
I found that the LCD flat cable was damaged where it looped around the hinge, then ending up breaking it. (by mistake) Well, it needed replacing anyway.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 8:53am
Oh well at least you know for sure the problem.

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