Buying electronics at this time of year (sales)

steve198, Dec 26, 12:45pm
Im planning to buy 3 items from same store. Their current sale deals run through to the 31st. I'd be bummed if I buy during this period then they run a "new years" sale from the 1st & the items are cheaper.

Would they tell me if the items will be cheaper from the 1st?

suicidemonkey, Dec 26, 12:51pm
Well firstly, electronics usually have small margins these days due to a lot of competition with places like PB Tech (who make on average less than 10% margin for products like computers, phones, computer hardware, etc).

So for boxing day sales, heavily discounted products are normally selling at just above cost, or even at/below cost. They make their money from the accessories you buy, extended warranties, etc.

Secondly, the sales people probably have no way of knowing what the next sales prices are going to be. In big box retailers, sales are organised and executed by their head office.

I worked in electronics retail for a while.

king1, Dec 26, 12:52pm
I wouldn't think the store staff would even know

nice_lady, Dec 26, 12:53pm
Ok yeah, just DON'T be suckered into extended warranty.

mr-word, Dec 26, 12:59pm
Just make sure what they sell you they have in stock.

asmawa1, Dec 26, 12:59pm
And be aware that some 'big box' type items (in particular) are about to be superseded by the next model release in the new year - hence the clearance discount re-phrased as a SALE.

steve198, Dec 26, 1:04pm
Ok. Sounds like i'll just buy the goods before the 31st & hope they dont sell for cheaper. I figure because the current sales period goes to the 31st they will do a new round of sales starting on the 1st.

I could put money on it that my items will sell for cheaper from the 1st but then again i dont want to risk not buying during the 26th to 31st sales period & the items not selling for that cheap again in the immediate future.

nice_lady, Dec 26, 1:25pm
If at all they would be unlikely to be significantly cheaper in the new years sales.

suicidemonkey, Dec 26, 2:42pm
They can be handy, especially the 5 year ones where the CGA wouldn't cover it for more than 3.

Also handy for items purchased for business use where the CGA has no cover.

Edit: to clarify, yes generally a bad idea.

nice_lady, Dec 26, 3:19pm
For business purchases yeah CGA does not apply. Otherwise most electronics will be covered for a time frame that would generally equate to a reasonable life time frame.

Why do businesses sell extended warranties? Cause they make a lot of money from them. When attempting to sell you an extended warranty they must detail the advantages and differences it gives you over consumer guarantees act cover - it a legal requirement.

rayonline_tm, Dec 26, 4:14pm
Some credit cards provide you a period of time of a price guarantee, so if the price goes down and you prove it, you get a refund. Cards like the BNZ Advantage Platinum has this.

lythande1, Dec 26, 4:17pm
Really you should go on Pricespy and check. Ignore ads and lies from specific shops.

suicidemonkey, Dec 26, 4:48pm
Lies? Please go on.

steve198, Dec 26, 6:32pm
I just got a standard anz visa so might have no luck there.

steve198, Mar 12, 2:42am
The store i prefer to buy from doesn't have the items for cheapest but does price match so that's the angle I'll go from.

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