Before i buy software - Viewing Mac burnt CD/DVD's

selvath, Jul 19, 4:51pm
I have around 3000 CD's/DVD/s and some blurays to copy to HDD for the boss (just Data, image files etc) and under windows and ubuntu they all show up as blank disks

I've tried paragon + the driver trick but they still show up as empty disks, even various imaging software I've tried refuses to copy an "empty disk" I've found MacDrive10 which works great but its got a super short trial so i'm considering buying a copy but before I do does anyone know of any alternatives I may not have explored/come up on googles?

mark.p, Jul 19, 5:49pm
Transmac has a 15day free trail and is slightly dearer than MacDrive.

mr-word, Jul 19, 5:53pm
If you have written the discs on mac.
Download Isobuster for Windows to see if you can extract content from the discs on a pc. The software should work with Wine on a Linux computer.

mark.p, Jul 19, 8:24pm
It'd be out of the boss's pocket so it shouldn't matter what you use as long as its reliable.

selvath, Jul 19, 10:09pm
thanks for the laugh ;) I've had trouble getting $10 out of him for a windows 10 licence.

mark.p, Jul 20, 8:20am
Tell him hes out of luck then.

mark.p, Oct 11, 10:44pm

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