Plague of recent spam free gift offers

mardyyy, Jun 4, 4:36pm
Never had an influx like this before. Claim to be from Trade Me, Farmers, Warehouse, Briscoes etc. Offering a 'gift' (cosmetics) as a reward or for answering a few questions. Get 3-4 a day and have been for a few weeks. Unsubscribing doesnt work.

nice_lady, Jun 4, 4:46pm

Dont Ever "unsubscribe" from something you never subscribed to in the first place. What you have done is let them know that you are a definite 'live' email address - now all you have to do is await the deluge of spam emails. Just delete them. You can also possibly block them.

benthecat, Jun 4, 5:03pm
Getting the same thing here and don't know what to do about it apart from 'mark as Spam' which I seem to be doing all the time. I also tried the unsubscribe option. The reply is that will take up to 10 days.

Out of curiosity what email system do you use. I use Xtra Mail.

suicidemonkey, Jun 4, 5:05pm
Use Gmail. I haven't had a spam message in years that didn't get flagged and put straight in the spam folder.

nice_lady, Jun 4, 5:06pm
Do NOT 'unsubscribe' from mail you have never subscribed to. It's a very simple spammers trick to include the 'unsubscribe' option. As I've stated it simply lets them know you're a live addy and then your email addy will be onsold to many other spam companies.

If the 'mark as spam' option isn't working as well as you think it should then install 'mailwasher' and run it. Thats very effective.

nice_lady, Jun 4, 5:07pm
Another good option

benthecat, Jun 4, 5:12pm
Thanks Suicidemonkey and nice_lady. I have been thinking of using Gmail for sometime now anyway. I will try the mailwasher first.

tmg, Jun 4, 9:44pm
Ditto -- getting some here too -- usually have a bit of fun chasing up & bowling over the spammer's domain names

IMO . could be cookies picked up somewhere else -- visiting another site(s)

jethrocat, Jun 4, 11:05pm
I know of a number of xtra clients getting this spam. had xtra too long and seriously time to dump them. but even gmail gets (some) spam .

letitia, Jun 4, 11:25pm
My husband is with xtra and he has been getting lots of this spam every day.

gettinggrey, Jun 5, 11:07am
Yes, bloody fools at Xtra allow it all through.
I use Mailwasher and have blocked the main offenders such as .ml (Mali), .ga (Gabon), and .tk (Tokelau).
Only get 1 or so a day now. Yes I know the spammers can spoof any address but blocking the .ml, .ga, and .tk seems to have stopped the bulk of it.
In Mailwasher 'Blacklist' I put *@*.ga as an example. Now 'anything' from 'anyone' at .ga doesn't get through.

nice_lady, Jun 5, 11:16am
Mailwasher has some awesome block/filter functions check settings/spam tools/filters

fannyadam, Nov 13, 8:52pm
All the spam was coming through on an alias I had with Xtra. Just deleted the account and I have not had any spam since.

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