Brother Printer MFC-J480DW

jenwren26, Feb 27, 3:50pm
Got this a little while ago and ALL the inks ran out at once. There was no warning that the inks were low so I was stopped in my tracks suddenly. I have to wait a few days before I can get more ink (live rurally) but in the meantime the window is telling me I need ink and it wont clear no matter what I do. Therefore I can't even scan anything or do any of the other functions till I get ink. Also I can't even turn the window off, it flashes it's message continually so I have now pulled out the plug. How do I know when ink is getting low if it doesn't give a warning like my old HP printer used to? Is there a way to get the window clear so I can scan?

king1, Feb 27, 3:58pm
it does for me - starts warning weeks before it runs out.
Have you got the proper brother software installed, from the disk or web. if you are relying on the MS Windows basic print functions, it might not give a warning

jenwren26, Feb 27, 4:01pm
Yes was installed with disk and everything set up correctly. Does your warning pop up on your computer screen when you hit "print" or does it tell you in the little window? If it is in the little printer window I may have missed it.

king1, Feb 27, 4:11pm
on both. have a look by the clock in windows for the brother status monitor icon - that's the one that shows the notifications. if its not running for some reason its on the tools menu of the brother utilities program (start menu)

jenwren26, Feb 27, 4:21pm
OK thanks, I have the status up on my computer screen and it says the same as the printer window - that is Cannot Detect then under that it has a diagram of the ink cartridges with a red X so clearly they have all run out at once.
But I do need to do some scanning and I can't get into scanner mode!

nice_lady, Feb 27, 4:24pm
Yeah it'll say 'cannot detect' if it's unplugged.

It seems unlikely that they'd all run out at the same time - I've never seen that before. And many printers will NOT scan if out of any ink at all even just one cartridge.

jenwren26, Feb 27, 5:27pm
I'm getting new inks tomorrow, all 4 of them so hope it is the only thing it
needs. They were the "sample" ones that came with the machine when it
was new.

jenwren26, Feb 28, 3:47pm
Yay, Inks are installed and it's all good. And the symbol is showing now where I can check it's status. That wasn't showing before. Thanks people!

davepro, Jan 18, 5:58pm
Of course, what OP had were the skimpy cartridges that come with a new printer.


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