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mmmail, Jan 22, 6:40pm
Help please - any thoughts on why, once ever couple days or so, over the last months or so, my computer suddenly goes "blank screen" and restarts. as far as I can see there's no underlying electrical problem. lights. fridge etc all as per normal. just the desktop computer. Only been doing it the last month or so. Maybe 2/3 times a week.

Any thoughts appreciated, thank you.

loud_37, Jan 22, 7:18pm
is it windows 10, updates maybe.

nice_lady, Jan 22, 7:19pm
Could be bad capacitors also or overheating
Open it up and see if you can see any bulging capacitors or a lot of dust. DO NOT blow it out with a vacuum. Check if any internal fans turn freely also.

nice_lady, Jan 22, 7:20pm
Does it give you any kind of message/error message/reason or similar upon restart as to a system failure or whatever ?

hazelmajor, Jan 23, 1:49pm

mmmail, Jan 23, 10:25pm

Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.
Opened and cleaned out computer air vents just before Xmas - with check check badcaps link - thank you.
I do run Win10
NO error msg's - total blank screen
I run AMD [thanks for link] - been happening about the last month.

I'll keep haunting

r.g.nixon, Jan 23, 10:48pm
Check event logs for the exact time that it happened.

tmg, Jan 23, 11:55pm
Yep -- getting this too here -- over past few weeks on our desktop . sometimes multiple times daily . Log files usually just come up Kernal 41 on restart -- that is 'shut down unexpectedly' nothing more

have checked all the drivers -- including bios -- this Radeon set up is not exposed to spectre or whatever recent issues either . the fans are all ok, dust cleared out . CPUID HWMonitor seems to show temperatures fans etc etc all ok within reasonable range.

There have been alot of Win10 updates in Jan which I'm wondering about & seems that quite a few are having these probs

kevymtnz, Jan 24, 12:05am
windows - control panel - system - advanced - startup recovery - settings
system failure
tick box - write event and auto restart
select kernal dump

if problem continues untick restart

mmmail, Jan 24, 12:09am
Thank you to everyone for helpful suggestions!

nice_lady, Jan 24, 6:31am
Just so you know - capacitors also exist within the powersupply unit and they can go bad also. IF you open it up DON'T touch stuff as it can zap you.

cleggyboy, Jan 27, 1:22pm
I'm another victim of this, I think it started just after the last big windows 10 update.
Yesterday it happened but this time it would not start up. So I turned it off and tried this morning and it is good again. So this time I got clever an backed everything up to an external HD just in case it dies altogether.

tmg, Jan 27, 1:51pm
Another couple of Win 10 updates through in recent days & we are not seeing many if any of the unexpected shutdowns now

tmg, Jan 27, 2:03pm
Here's an interesting Comprehensive Guide on recent Windows updates, coverage of Spectre & Meltdown, the various Chips & vulnerabilities etc:

There is coverage on Linux & MAC further down too

tmg, Jan 27, 2:10pm
AMD Chips:

"Microsoft has received numerous reports of PCs running AMD processors not booting after installing the latest Windows security update"

nice_lady, Jan 27, 6:04pm
God knows what the OP's problem is but this:

cleggyboy, Jan 27, 6:19pm
Why are only the odd person having this problem? It does seem it may have something to do with W10 updates and components in certain computers.
I was getting this daily but at no particular time it just happen when it felt like it. Bloody annoying.

tmg, Jan 27, 6:41pm
hard to say huh -- I see hints of pcs bricked by upgrades online too

Strange that there's a epidemic of issues coming out of the Jan 18 upgrates & Chip vulnerability issue these were hoping to fix

but then there is a myriad of possible areas which could be the issue -- from heating, ventilation, power supply issues through to upgrading of drivers, bios drivers etc etc

I do know that with later upgrades our probs have if you like gone away -- but then it's still hot here and ventillation is working hard keeping temps within reasonable ranges.

We did put CPUID HWmonitor onboard to try see if there was an issue with hardware -- which gives a handy screenshot of how the box is operating

tmg, Jan 27, 6:46pm
Have you looked at the Windows Updates history on your system -- using W-10 search ? -- that will give you the upgrade versions loaded and from there try googling to see what others are seeing with these . by upgrade number

Also do similar with your puter chip type / number and see if others are having issues.

Doing this - we saw our set up has no known issues or vulnerability to either Sceptre or Meltdown -- despite the hassles & number of Win updates coming through

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 7:01pm
Your setup will most certainly be vulnerable to at least one of the Spectre variants

jeffm13, Jan 27, 7:18pm
I've got a problem with random rebooting, but only once a fortnight. I suspect the power supply inside the PC. I'm using my laptop for now.

cookee_nz, Jan 27, 7:21pm
If anyone wants a quick and relatively reliable method to isolate Hardware from Software reboots, one tip I've used is to reboot the PC just before going to bed, or any time it will not be used for several hours and go into the BIOS setup screen and just leave it there. If it does reboot it will return to the Windows logon screen but will also indicate that it is more likely Hardware because the OS is not yet in play.
The more often the PC reboots the more helpful this tip is. If it's only once a day or less then it's a lot harder. But if the PC remains at the BIOS screen for hours on end without locking or rebooting (try moving the cursor from time to time to be sure) then you have a reasonable indication it's Software or possibly the HDD going bad.
As I said it's not foolproof, but is easy to do and from a support point of view ask to ask a customer to do.
Even better if it's a brand name such as HP, they have their own diagnostics which will run a comprehensive looping test and this can be left to run for an extended period. And there are of course third-party diagnostic tests that will do the same thing. HTH.

tmg, Jan 27, 7:29pm
Nup -- checked right back to Chip Mfr & Set up suppliers -- all clear on this one -- it's prob not the most latest system -- but it has a fair bit of grunt too, running W-10

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 7:45pm
Yeah pretty sure that?

tmg, Jan 27, 7:49pm
All checked for vulnerability -- multiple resources -- all OK

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