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vtecintegra, Jan 27, 8:20pm
When and where did you check? The situation with AMD has changed a couple of times

Did you run the PowerShell module MS published?

benthecat, Jan 28, 10:57pm
Mine was doing that after a windows update so I did a system restore to prior to the update and no longer happens.

I also run an AMD CPU - didn't know that might have the problem for the update though.

tmg, Jan 29, 12:17am
Not AMD here

vtecintegra, Jan 29, 6:47am
Then you're vulnerable to Meltdown as well as Spectre. Simple as that.

cleggyboy, Jan 29, 8:16am
Since my massive crash on Friday and I managed to boot it up again on Saturday, I have had no more issues. Fingers crossed.

But prior to that my computer was crashing once a day at anytime and rebooting.

It would be interesting to know if others have had no more problems.

gpg58, Feb 11, 2:02am
Have you folks seen this? - posted 16 hours ago.

Intel recently admitted that its latest patch for "Spectre" was essentially worse than the bug it was supposed to fix, as it was causing computers to spontaneously reboot. Now, Microsoft has taken action by issuing an out-of-band patch for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 that disables that fix for Spectre variant 2. If you're experiencing the problem you'll need to download the update, as it won't yet install automatically.

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