NZ emails.?

johnhb, Jul 21, 7:32pm
Why is it that some overseas websites seem to reject New Zealand email addresses? I'm with Xtra but having filled out various forms get rejected when it comes to my email address? I wondered whether its because we're not '.com'?

nice_lady, Jul 21, 7:35pm
Get a Gmail addy.

ross1970, Jul 21, 7:45pm
Country code top level domains are every bit an "industry" standard as generic top level domains are.

gyrogearloose, Jul 21, 7:51pm
Then why is Australia while New Zealand is and the United Kingdom is

Surely if there was "industry" standard then Australia would be

ross1970, Jul 21, 8:18pm
You appear to have no clue whatsoever about the dns.
The NZ domain namespace is not ""
NZ is .nz
You can directly register at the second level on .nz
-- is only but one choice of a second level subdomain.
Ditto for oz and pommyland.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 8:19pm
The standard is the .au or .nz part. Each country decides which second level domains should be available under their tld

ross1970, Jul 21, 8:23pm
gyro: here = current top level domains

mark.p, Jul 21, 8:54pm
I like .dog

ross1970, Jul 21, 9:02pm
.app is one of the latest additions

shakirafan, Jul 21, 10:57pm
Cook Islands is ??

suicidemonkey, Oct 10, 4:46pm
Good info, I learnt something new today.

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