Samsung S4 - rooting.

a2znz, Jul 23, 10:27am
I have been given a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. It is running Android Lollipop.This is my first venture into the world of smartphones and I seek information from the knowledgeable members of this message board.

Perhaps the most logical way is by a series of questions.

Has anyone rooted a Samsung S4 and installed LineageOS? If so, what version of LineageOS was installed and has it been successful?

From searching the web, I understand that rooting the S4 will allow me to install the latest version of Android. Has any member done this and was it successful?

By rooting the S4, will I be able to remove all the Samsung add-ons?

What is the best program to root the S4? Searching the net, I found

That site suggests three option to choose from: : drfone, iRoot or Kingroot. Has any member experience with any of these? If not, what other programs are you able to suggest?

nice_lady, Jul 23, 10:40am
Check out XDA they are a fantastic source of knowledge. Hubby had an S4 mini 'zoom' once - he says he rooted it and played around with it a bit but can't really remember what he did .

Heres a fairly recent post which could be of help.

Just be aware that if you screw things up you might 'brick' the phone. Usually this will only be a 'soft brick' and recoverable that's why TWRP etc can be a good thing.

nice_lady, Jul 23, 10:41am
You might also find 'towelroot' will work. It's very simple to use.
Before you try rooting get 'rootchecker' app from playstore and run it afterwards to check you're all good.

Ps: Xposed modules are awsome theres heaps.

peanuts37, Jul 23, 10:57am
Have no experience with Samsung and haven't rooted a phone for a while. Had a lot of success with this installed on computer. Have always got ROMs from here, generally good, look at reviews of each ROM and steps to install.

It can be a risky business, so tread with caution, if in doubt don't do it.

a2znz, Jul 23, 7:00pm
Thank you nice_lady and peanuts37 for your prompt replies and suggestions. Will work through them and see how I go.

Watch this space :-)

hulloitsme, Jul 23, 7:11pm
If you don't know & understand the difference between "rooting" & "routing", then you shouldn't even own a phone.

nice_lady, Jul 23, 7:16pm
I wouldn't reccomend routing a phone you'd probably hard brick it and damage the blade on the router also!

mark.p, Jul 23, 7:23pm
Root away. Phones are cheap.

asmawa1, Jul 24, 5:08pm
Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jailbreaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn't normally allow you to.

Do yourself a favour and stop being a Troll !

csador, Oct 6, 10:51pm
as someone else said, xda forums are a good starting point

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