No bluetooth on my computer

markandtarsh, Mar 25, 10:46am
i purchased a sony gtkxb5b hifi system. works perfectly from our phones etc. but wanting to work from my desktop computer . how do i add bluetooth please and thank you "-)

mrsbeeblebrock, Mar 25, 10:48am
Just search for a bluetooth adaptor on TM. It's like a little USB drive that slots in and allows your PC to talk to BT devices.

markandtarsh, Mar 25, 10:52am
would listing number do it 1580402498

ianab, Mar 25, 10:57am
Yes, that's the sort of thing you need.

markandtarsh, Mar 25, 11:02am
would i just plug it in to side of computer and away we go lol. as noel leeming part is $50 lol

tmenz, Mar 25, 11:07am

markandtarsh, Mar 25, 11:14am
thanks like the ali express price lol

king1, Mar 25, 11:14am
it should be mentioned that the range of bluetooth is pretty limited, maybe 5 meters. If the PC is at the other end of the house it possibly isn't going to work.

markandtarsh, Mar 25, 11:15am
i got windows 8.1 i think. how do i know what program im running, as we had 10 but when computer stuffed up lady put windows 8.1 on it im sure

ianab, Mar 25, 11:18am
Yes as long as you have Window 7, 8 or 10 on your machine. It should "just work". Windows will find it and install generic drivers for it.

And now you know why you don't buy cables and gadgets at NL.

markandtarsh, Mar 25, 11:21am
holy moly aye. there prices crazy.

vtecintegra, Mar 25, 11:22am
That is not Bluetooth

tmenz, Mar 25, 2:25pm

tmenz, Mar 25, 2:27pm
Yep, free shipping too.
Downside is the length of time for shipping - typically 2 weeks to a month.

markandtarsh, Jan 3, 6:46pm
thanks all for your advice . ;-)

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