My Computor won't go past

bingoz, Mar 13, 12:29am
My Computor won't go past screen saver, no matter what I do iT won't.
It started back in feb it would say have problem, need to close down yr Computor. It has been doing that all the time. I feel window's 10 updates.
Mid last year it was doing the same thing saying has problem, then would turn off. I got it , it fixed an it was to do with window's ten up dates. I am concerned this time it could be a bad virus.
If any one has any idea it would be great. Thanks in advance

black-heart, Mar 13, 7:52am
it probably isn't a virus. windows 10 is highly unstable, and the update process often fails.
Probably the best bet is to leave it on for at least 24 hours, and if it still doing it get into safe mode, and do a repair of windows (keep my files).

king1, Mar 13, 8:18am
can you describe what its doing in a bit more detail please - won't go past screen saver doesn't make much sense - describe the process you/it goes through

lythande1, Mar 13, 8:25am
Screen savers come on when the PC has been idle for a bit. after it has loaded windows OK.
So how can it not go "past" screensaver?

r.g.nixon, Mar 13, 9:03am
Maybe they mean 'wallpaper', with or without desktop icons and taskbar?

friendly_prawn, Mar 13, 9:47am
I suspect you mean the start up screen isn't showing the option to log on?
Try hitting control alt delete keys at the same time to see if it brings up the option to log on. Windows 10 is a bit flakey on start up some times.

bingoz, Mar 13, 11:03am
I put in pass word, once that is done, it goes to screen saver. ( Wallpaper) I scroll to bottom all it does is a round circle going around all the time,. will not do anything. Won't even go to where you go to turn off. Only way can turn off is at the tower. I am not a computor wizz

black-heart, Mar 13, 1:22pm
Just keep waiting instead of turning it off.

friendly_prawn, Mar 13, 1:26pm
Will it boot in to safe mode ok?

k-i-n-g, 5 days, 9 hours
Two completely different things.

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