Samsung note 4. How to stop txt changing to mms?

coonman, Mar 17, 10:20am
Have just got this phone. And it changes txt to mms over a certain size txt. How do i stop this please?

king1, Mar 17, 11:28am
my first thought was keep your messages shorter, use email for longer messages. Nothing worse than reading someones life story in a text message.
I believe it is a limitation of the SMS system, something like 450 characters max.

coonman, Mar 17, 1:27pm
Ive now downloaded an app call next sms. And my txt weren't very long. Think the cut off was something silly like 150 characters. I dont do life stories. But as a mum sometimes you jave to explain things clearly if your plans change ie pickup point after achool etc. So if your kid cant receive a basic txt there's a problem.
All sorted now.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 1:35pm
SMS can only do 160 characters full stop. Most phones will stitch multiple sms messages together automatically but this does not always work properly which is why others switch it to sms.

emmerson1, Jan 8, 1:13am
Do you see a 'x characters left' when you are typing- stick to that and you should be okay.

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