Sony 4k Android TV Annoying Bug

michaelqian, Dec 25, 10:45am
Merry Christmas. Got a 65" Sony 4k Android TV KD-X8500E series. There is an annoying bug that started last night in which the Program Information keeps flashing between two programs that were shown last night, even as of this morning, along with last night's time of 8:30pm. This happens on TV3, TV4, and may be one or two other channels. Neither a soft or hard reset has resolved the problem. Can anyone recommend a way to resolve this bug? Would calling Sony Support help? Thanks

spyware, Dec 25, 11:30am
Not a TV problem so won't be resolved by such. Appears that the mheg and eit data (uses two different data streams to get program info) from Freeview don't match.

michaelqian, Mar 12, 11:10pm
It somehow fixed itself later this morning. Hopefully won't happen again.

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