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mcleanj1, Feb 18, 12:19pm
I recently brought a new mobile and it didn't come with plastic screen protector but it seems new ones for sale are made of tempered glass, question is I suppose - are these better than plastic protector for fingerprints etc or more for those who drop their phones so screen doesn't break? I can't seem to find plain screen protector for sale. Thanks

morticia, Feb 18, 12:20pm
Not even on Trade Me?

nice_lady, Feb 18, 12:26pm
And the make/model is ?

morticia, Feb 18, 12:28pm
We've been known to just cut down a spare tablet one to make a new one when needed.

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 12:29pm
Screen protectors don't help with fingerprints and almost always won't stop the screen for breaking.

They're pretty much there to stop the screen from getting cosmetic scratches (sand will scratch any glass)

peanuts37, Feb 18, 2:07pm
Alexpress is where I get them and yes they will stop screen getting broken in a lot of cases. Wouldn't use a phone without one. The plastic film ones are useless. Know two school girls and I have fitted quite a few because they drop them a lot and break the cover but never has the phone screen cracked. The adhesive used to hold them on seems to be a great shock absorber between screen cover and screen. Same with gel cases, very good when phone dropped on corner which may otherwise crack screen. Both essential items in my opinion.

morticia, Feb 18, 2:13pm
We buy spares off Aliexpress, but they are so cheap on TM that I'd never wait for a chinese one to arrive when I can have my phone protected much quicker with a NZ purchase from here when one is available. One can take buying of the cheap chinese crap too far.

peanuts37, Feb 18, 2:15pm
So where are the ones you buy made?

morticia, Feb 18, 2:19pm
Same place but already imported by the TM seller and here to send immediately. Why would I wait weeks to be able to protect my screen when the item is already here, on TM? If you are going to quibble about spending a couple of $$ here to get it pretty much immediately, you probably can't afford the running costs.

mals69, Feb 18, 2:21pm

Glass way better, plastic ones can be blurry when light levels
are low.

peanuts37, Feb 18, 2:25pm
It's a great feeling when dropping phone and the cover is totally crazed and peeling it off and finding the phone screen survived. Plastic ones are so hard to put on also without bubbles or dust underneath. When I use to use them would wait until I had a shower and fit them in the bathroom in the damp air to minimize the dust.

nice_lady, Feb 18, 2:27pm
Hubby is of the opinion that it's an even better feeling when you drop your phone and it's busted and not worth fixing - he likes an excuse to buy a new toy !

peanuts37, Feb 18, 2:32pm
That too.

mcleanj1, Feb 18, 2:44pm
Thanks for all your comments, yes I have looked on trade me but as I haven't had a glass screen protector before I just wondered about them v old style plastic, I brought a Samsung A5 2017

nice_lady, Feb 18, 2:56pm
Weird. If you search for this on trademe

Samsung A5 screen protector

Theres a large number available.

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 3:49pm
You'll find in 99% of cases the screen wouldn't have broken anyway.

Especially on a modern phone with curved glass where the protector doesn't reach to the corners.

peanuts37, Feb 18, 4:08pm
My opinion is better to drop phone and break screen with cover on than to drop without cover on and break screen and wonder what if, all for the sake of a dollar or two.

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 4:30pm
I'd rather not cover the screen that the phone manufacturer spent heaps of time and money perfecting with a cheap, nasty bit of overly reflective tempered glass which does nothing but give the user a false sense of security.

db.price, Feb 18, 4:37pm
It depends on your phone. The curved screen ones do not work as well and if you look at reviews you will see that they are not great at sticking on the edges making edge functions flake to work.

If you go with plastic ones then fully recommend ones that use a wet application to install them. Those use a water based gel on the screen then the screen protector goes on. Very easy to get rid of all the bubbles. Wait about an hour for it to dry and viola.

mals69, Feb 18, 4:40pm
Glass cover I got excellent quality, forget it is even on there.

peanuts37, Feb 18, 4:42pm

peanuts37, Feb 18, 4:55pm
Interesting about curved screens. My phone has a slight curve at edge so when fitting cover there's about a 3mm non contact area around the edge which is visible. The last screen cover I got came with a small eye dropper like container and with new cover fitted just dropped a couple of drops of the solution on one corner and it ran right round the screen underneath the cover and fixed the visual part and seems good with the touch aspect also.

peanuts37, Feb 18, 5:11pm

mcleanj1, Jan 25, 8:43pm
Yes I know there are a lot out there for sale, I wanted to know difference between the tempered glass or what people preferred, thanks

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