saracen4, Mar 15, 6:01pm
Having trouble connecting to wireless. The laptop connects ok, but the tv and printer wont. The tv, skybox and the printer can not even find the wireless unit?. Any ideas would be great Thanks.

king1, Mar 15, 6:13pm
restarted the modem ?

nice_lady, Mar 15, 8:06pm
Yeah do that and then set up a fixed IP addy in each device that'll possibly help also.

acura, Mar 15, 9:37pm
what band are you using 2.4Ghz of 5Ghz? - 2.4 usually is more compatible.

andrew.t, Mar 16, 9:47am
signal? what happens when you move the laptop by the tv etc, can it still maintain the connection?

saracen4, 6 days, 20 hours
Sorry i should have got back sooner. Slingshot made a cockup when they replaced the phone line, it is all going now. But thanks for the advice .

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