Dead computer

greenforde, Jan 17, 7:52pm
My HP 2014 laptop has just died. Please help how do I go about retrieving the data and trans to my new laptop (when I get it) Thanks.

nice_lady, Jan 17, 7:59pm
Getting the data off it kinda depends on WHY it died. If the hard drive has failed then your chances of getting data off it are BAD.

Otherwise it's remove the hard drive, (simple enough), and connect it to another computer and suck the data off it.

What 'data' do you wish to retreive ?

nice_lady, Jan 17, 8:00pm
Generally I'd expect a laptop to last longer than 3 years. What Exactly are the symptoms of this 'death' ?

greenforde, Jan 17, 8:05pm
I knew I could rely on you nice lady I want everything personal ( details 1 small folder) email all my files Thanks

nice_lady, Jan 17, 8:08pm
emails ?
Were you using an email program - like microsoft outlook/windows live mail/thunderbird etc ?

Other stuff like documents/pictures etc are easy to retreive assuming the hard drive isn't pooped.

christin, Jan 17, 8:36pm
How stuffed is it? There may be a way around it.

Ie of the screen is stuffed, you could put on an external screen and copy data off.

Alternatively a USB keyboard could be plugged in to copy data off if keyboard dead

It may just be a software issue and not a hardware issue so could be fixed vs buying a new computer,

nice_lady, Jan 17, 9:22pm
Yeah more detail about its lack of life will be helpful.

ttaotua1, Jan 18, 6:58pm
Lol three years! My first laptop only last just over 12 months before going desktop. Well it was a compaq.

nice_lady, Jan 18, 7:13pm
That's not good did you go back to the shop and demand a refund ?

ianab, Jan 18, 9:24pm
Back to the original question.

If the machine powers up, and then gives a message like "No boot device" then it's not good. That suggests the hard drive is dead, and the files are toast.

If Nothing happens, or the machine just beeps a few times, that suggests it's probably not the hard disk that's failed. The hard disk can be pulled out, connected to another machine with a USB adaptor, and any files copied off.

Starting to load Windows, then rebooting or crashing, files are "probably" still there.

So Exactly what is happening matters. Could be 99% sure of getting the files back, or 99% certain they are gone.

lythande1, Jan 19, 8:18am
Laptop hard drives are easy to remove, flip it over and undo the wee screws on the compartment.
You'll see the drive attached, carefully pull it out.
Now you need an adapter to connect it via USB to another PC to retrieve your stuff off it.

christin, Jan 19, 9:43am
depends on the laptop though. i have seen some that a pita to remove. have to take the whole bottom off and about 16 screws. (if not more!). all that go back int o specific holes. and worse!

greenforde, Jan 19, 11:08am
I gave up taken it in to serviceman. Thanks for all your suggestions.

swivel, Jan 19, 1:16pm
Will be keen to see the out come of the serviceman.

nice_lady, Jan 19, 1:28pm
Would be interested to hear the outcome . Would also have been interesting to hear more detail of the issue from the OP.

This description:

is so lacking in useful information and detail as to be virtually useless to us here.

greenforde, Jan 19, 3:31pm
Well nice lady it was as I said I went to turn it on and it just did not go.
Got computer back yesterday worked well for an hour or so I finished my work and turned it off. Went to go back on an hour or so later just would not turn on. The battery is fully charged.
Meanwhile how do I retrieve my emails from my husbands computer.

greenforde, Jan 19, 3:39pm
Up date folks serviceman just rang has transferred all my data to a good second hand machine he has there 1 year old has a new hard drive Cannot really say what was wrong with my other one. Yeah I know interested on your comments. Bear in mind I am 80 years old and cannot be bothered with too much hassle I do not understand. In saying that I look 70. Ha HHa

hulloitsme, Jan 21, 8:25am
Sounds like it was a mother-board fault. HDD fails are pretty much "in your face". Mother-Board fails can be intermittent and only (initially) appear after computer has warmed up etc. I hope this happening has taught you to always back up your important data?

Buy yourself a 64GB SanDisk Flash Drive and back up your laptop onto it at least monthly.

Thanks for posting the eventual outcome. You doing that really does help the helpers diagnoze and offer assistance. At 80 years old. you are a spring -chicken.

Nice Lady is actually 70. but looks like she's 80 and is really a 120 Kg truck driver who only posts on here during her frequent food-stops on her AK - WN overnight zombie run.


nice_lady, Jan 21, 8:44am
Errrr. No. Lol.

greenforde, Jan 23, 7:43am
You norty person hulloitsme. Yes I have an external back up which I am using. Thanks

nice_lady, Jan 23, 8:21am
I am of the opinion that your 2014 laptop should last longer than it has.

greenforde, Jan 23, 4:14pm
I think so too but what else could I have done.

nice_lady, Feb 17, 3:47am
take it back to the original retailer and stamp your foot and quote the cga perhaps ?

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