Help with a damp Ipad please

robyn3040, Aug 13, 3:09pm
Yesterday my Ipad Mini got damp. I dried it off as quickly as I could and everything seemed OK but the volume increase button will not work. While I was fiddling with the two volume buttons I ended up with it on mute and I cannot now do anything with the volume.

I have looked on line for solutions that other people recommend when this happens. One person says to use a hairdryer, directed into the buttons and the speaker. Another person says to bury it in rice and someone said to put it somewhere warm.

Is it safe to experiment with these fixes or could I make the problem worse? Would I be better to take it to someone? It is about 5 years old and used most days but unfortunately I cannot afford to replace it so I would really appreciate some guidance about what to do next.

suicidemonkey, Aug 13, 3:13pm
Put it somewhere warm for a day or two and let it dry out.

ianab, Aug 13, 3:20pm
This. Hot water cupboard, and hope.

If a device has an accessible battery, remove it, but with an Ipad that's not so easy.

ross1970, Aug 13, 3:29pm
How are "hot water cupboards" still even a thing?
People moan about the cost of electricity and then have "hot water cupboards".

suicidemonkey, Aug 13, 3:40pm
Speaking of moaning.

robyn3040, Aug 13, 3:51pm
Thanks. I do have an airing cupboard that has a small heater in it. I could put it in there.

onl_148, Aug 13, 4:17pm
It would not hurt to do both the warm place AND bury in rice. also while in the warm place orientate it so the possible holes / entry points that the "damp" got in are facing down. let a little gravity help you !
Resist the temptation to turn it on while the damp is still present, but it maybe a bit late for that now !

sw20, Aug 13, 4:25pm
Ahh the irony.

ross1970, Aug 13, 4:50pm
You have no comprehension of the meaning of the word?

ross1970, Aug 13, 4:51pm
and this means what?

robyn3040, Aug 13, 7:49pm
It was still on when I put it in the cupboard - should I turn it off or leave it on? I had already turned it off and back on when I was trying to fix it. Oops!

I put it in the cupboard with the affected buttons facing up - I figured if the water was going to evaporate, rather than drain, it would go upwards so that would be better but I know bugger all about physics or electronics so I could be completely wrong.

I could put it in a food dehydrator - could that be a good thing?

omaria, Aug 13, 9:50pm
I put mine in a bag of rice in the hot water cupboard a few weeks ago. My IT guy came to see why I could turn it on but not access the internet. I had accidentally set on flight mode when drying the keyboard lol. Shows how much I know.

lythande1, Aug 14, 8:25am
Cylinders now have insulation in them so do not feel hot on the outside.
However some houses still have the copper pipes coming out from them, and they can be, thus warming the cupboard. Like mine for instance.

Anyway if the ipad is playing up, then it's damaged. It should have been switched off immediately, then dried out. Too late. It's now a repair job.

nzdoug, Aug 14, 8:32am
I wear no irony.
Robyn O.P.
Did it live?

omaria, Sep 25, 3:15am
Mine wasnt, just very quickly dried it up, its still working fine :)

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