Slide Show maker free - recommendations

benthecat, Mar 15, 6:58pm
Would like recommendations for a free Slide Show maker that''s easy to use, and doesn't have a watermark on it.

jeffm13, Mar 15, 8:05pm
Libre Office "Impress" (download the whole suite)

benthecat, Mar 15, 9:10pm
thanks. I'll give it a go

dellboy2, Mar 16, 9:16am
Hi, we had the same question a month or so ago. One of the nice people on here suggested 'Windows Movie Maker' installed and its all good, and easy to use. and the program didn't try and take over the computor on installing!

benthecat, Mar 16, 6:42pm
oh, great, my system has that already too.

timberman, Dec 4, 4:42pm

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