Icons at top of my emails can't be read

jim604, Feb 25, 7:02pm
I touched a wrong key on my laptop and now I have a black strip along the top and not able to read the icons. Maybe someone can suggest a solution please.

king1, Feb 25, 7:51pm
a black strip along the top of what?

jim604, Feb 25, 7:58pm
Above the emails.

muppet_slayer, Feb 25, 8:24pm
Have you tried shutting it down properly and restarting it and see if it's still like that?

nice_lady, Jan 20, 1:59am
That's nice. And how do you access your emails ?
On the web ?
Or use a program ?
If so what program ?
If on the web what browser and who's your provider ? Gmail ? or Hotmail/Outlook or what ?

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