New modem or WiFi booster

coolnzmum, Feb 1, 9:14am
We have our modem (standard spark modem) in middle of a very long hallway (think old hospital ward length) my phone picks it up OK in lounge at end of hallway but hubby's not so great. Would we be best getting a new better modem or a WiFi booster.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 9:19am
Depends a bit. Why's the modem in the middle of the hall way ?

zak410, Feb 1, 11:20am
#2 - I guess it's where the phone socket is.

coolnzmum, Feb 1, 12:18pm
Yep where phone socket is.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 12:41pm
Ok so you've got a power point somewhere along that hall way near the end where Hubby can't pick up the signal ?

If so then a wifi extender should work ok. DON'T put it at the limit of the signal from the modem put it a little closer, say 1/2 - 2/3 down the hallway.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 12:42pm
a new modem with higher power might cost quite a bit. A wifi extender will be cheaper.

coolnzmum, Feb 1, 12:54pm
Power point about half way between them and one outside lounge door.

coolnzmum, Feb 1, 12:54pm
A dual band one is best option, correct?

nice_lady, Feb 1, 1:05pm
Well newer devices have the capability of using the 5Ghz bands which is faster.

However this may not mean you'll get better range. From Google:

"The primary differences between the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz wireless frequencies are range and bandwidth. 5GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance. 2.4GHz offers coverage for farther distances, but may perform at slower speeds."

nice_lady, Feb 1, 1:29pm
OH yeah and if your original modem - which the wifi extender picks up signal from - is only 2.4Ghz there will be NO advantage in getting a dual band extender.

ross1970, Feb 1, 2:56pm
Here's the thing that you have to actually "get":
Wifi is a 2 way thing. Your wifi transmitter, transmits a signal - client device receives it, then has to transmit data back.
No f good whatsoever thinking "get a more powerful modem"
How does that mean hubbys device is going to have a more powerful ability to transmit data back to "modem"? = It doesn't.
It's like a dad kicking a rugby ball to his kid, no good standing 50 metres apart when kid can only punt the ball back 25.
You need Access points, probably 2, placed appropriately in the house.

supernova2, Feb 9, 4:47pm
So move the socket to the lounge would be the simple solution and cost nothing.

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