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wyndra, Feb 1, 3:34pm
Hi, can someone tell me how I to put a Websites logo on a desktop shortcut.
I have windows 10 64bit Windows Explorer.
Have tried sending to desktop also dragging but it doesn't have the Logo, ie Trademe , Kiwibank etc.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 3:35pm
you mean a shortcut ?

nice_lady, Feb 1, 3:36pm
If so then it will drag though it might not have the 'trademe' or 'kiwibank' actual logo it would more likely have the IE or Chrome or Firefox, (whatever you're using), logo.

wyndra, Feb 2, 2:19pm
I've done that but I want the kiwibank logo, I think you use Favicons but I don't know how to do it ?.

christin, Feb 6, 10:59pm
With say chrome, choose the three dots, more tools, then add to,desktop

With ie it from memory is file, send to desktop or similar.

It treats it different thsn just dragging to desktop. One gives an icon, one doesn't,

christin, Feb 5, 12:52am
Just did TM with chrome. Def gets icon the way I suggests, doesn't with the drag option.

There are other differences too so I prefer not to drag

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