Wanting good laptop

markandtarsh, Jun 12, 4:58pm
to play our facebook games on lol that isnt slow n wont freeze on us

nice_lady, Jun 12, 5:08pm
How good does it need to be to play Facebook games?
I never bother with them but would think a pretty basic machine would do it?

OP. what's your current device?

suicidemonkey, Jun 12, 5:25pm
Some of them are surprisingly demanding. Obviously a dedicated graphics card/high-end CPU isn't necessary but some of the entry-level ULV CPUs might struggle.

king1, Jun 12, 5:26pm
some of them are very cpu/memory intensive - farmville for example

markandtarsh, Jun 12, 9:58pm
sorry was dealing with sick child.
we have a hp desktop n hp laptop but we want a reliable fast laptop to play games on

suicidemonkey, Jun 13, 1:22am
To answer your question we'll need more details:
- What is the model number of your current computer? (to make sure your current system is/isn't up to the task).
- What is your budget to spend on a new system?

nice_lady, Jun 13, 5:07am
That's nice but as SM says model numbers and budget please. Saying you have a Hp laptop is a bit like saying you have a Ford. That could be anything from a 40 year old Escort to a brand new Supercharged Mustang. Details DO matter thanks.

markandtarsh, Jun 13, 1:01pm
model number 15-ba033AU

suicidemonkey, Jun 13, 1:17pm
Cool. That laptop uses a pretty slow entry-level quad core CPU. Upgrading would definitely make a big difference.

What's your budget?

markandtarsh, Jun 13, 1:54pm
1000 and less probaly

markandtarsh, Jun 13, 1:55pm
15-BW049AU currently $741 @ noel leeming is that a good model

suicidemonkey, Nov 8, 7:43am
I wouldn't recommend it as the CPU wouldn't be much of an upgrade in terms of performance.

I'd be looking at something like this. It has a slightly smaller screen than your 15" laptop but it has a good CPU for everyday tasks, and an SSD which will make it fly. It's only a 128GB SSD, if you wanted to spend a bit more you could get the 256GB model.

I'd get PB Tech to add another 4GB of RAM too - it's a cheap upgrade.


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