Dictation software anyone?

jh34, Aug 29, 12:36pm
I'm a useless typist. I try typing tutors (occasionally) but always revert to two fingers. You get older and you are like someone who has suffered a stroke.
Has anyone tried nuance (for example)?

black-heart, Aug 29, 12:42pm
Dragon dictate was the go to for years, but theres all sorts of solutions around now, windows tries to do voice recognition, google dictate / voice recognition is really good.

nice_lady, Aug 29, 3:49pm
Usually, in fact pretty much it's a given that after you do 'typing by voice' you WILL have to proofread and edit the text as voice typing just isn't that accurate.

Hubby says it took 3 weeks to learn to touch type .

jh34, Aug 30, 7:25am
How old was hubby and how many practises?

nice_lady, Aug 30, 7:35am
Hubby was 32 at the time and he learnt how to touch type at a polytech during a course he did. Older people were on the course also. He reckons it's really pretty easy. I don't touch type myself lol and have refused to bother learning as I reckon I type ok but TBH I can see the advantages over 'chicken pecking' as Hubby calls it.

Firstly you start out with the fingers on the 'Home' keys: J & F these have a little bump on each. He says they had a little book to learn from.

a s d f j k l ;
on the middle row of keys and you repeat various combinations of those then you 'spread out' to the other rows and it's simply repetition. Theres plenty of tutorials on line.

nice_lady, Aug 30, 7:39am

nice_lady, Aug 30, 7:40am
Anyway as i said earlier theres NO perfect dictation 'speech to text' software and so you're always going to have to check the text afterwards, proofread it.

olwen, Aug 30, 5:39pm
Twenty or more years ago I was a programmer at a major bank. A few people in systems development were given Dragon Dictate for OOS. One person developed OOS of the throat and had to look for a different career. Is OOS even a thing now?

jh34, Sep 15, 5:05pm
I find touch typing really fiddly. It is as though I have had a stroke. As you age you decay and finally kick the bucket.

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