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vtecintegra, Mar 17, 9:44am
This isn?

alaine4, Mar 17, 10:47am
friendly_prawn Why was your friend shut down in the first place? Has to be reason.

just_looking_, Mar 17, 3:52pm
Without identifying your friend:
Q: Does he subscribe to the same groups every time?
Q: Does he have the same likes every time?
Q: Does he friend the same people every time?
. etc, etc

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 4:41pm
Oh yeah, that was actually quite a good post. And more than possible. Although last time they shut him down he had hardly even had time to do a thing. Had only just started liking a few posts and bam. Gone.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 4:43pm
lol, are you serious?

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 4:54pm
It has a lot to do with people talking politics. Facebook systematically suppresses conservative views.
Im now seeing more and more people getting bans for expressing any right wing views. I got a warning for just posting something really inane from fox news. Blew me away.

Facebook is owned and run and administered by left leaning people

"Where the Left has power, it will use that power to try to crush dissent, debate, and criticism."

Sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory I suppose. But its true. Facebook is shutting down freedom of speech. Been happening for a while now and its getting worse. Britain first has just had its page shut down and all its main players have been kicked off facebook and Britian first had over 2, 000,000 followers.


friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 4:55pm

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 4:57pm
The poster was associating their new account with the same accounts associated with the banned one? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how Facebook could connect the dots.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 5:01pm
Yes and that's because that after repeated warnings they continued to violate Facebook's terms of use.

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:03pm
The real reason is facebook doesn't agree with their views. its that simple.

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:05pm
How? using vpn. using different email address. Had only started adding some contacts in that last account. So no real association there. In what way was he associating one account with another?

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:06pm
I reported a page that called for the death of all Americans. I got a message back from facebook saying the page didnt break any rules.

You cant tell me facebook aren't one eyed.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 5:07pm
Adding the same contacts would be a huge red flag. I'll bet he uploaded one or more same pictures too, used the same or similar name, behaved the same way etc etc

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:08pm
"Is there a way to find out a computer's MAC address if we know its IP address, assuming this computer is outside our LAN? I know we can easily get the physical address of a computer in our LAN using getmac or arp in command prompt, but these commands don't work for other remote hosts"

"Using the DHCP server or known bindings you can find it, I have done this in Windows server before, it is not common but it is possible. ARP is locally based and just a binding between an IP and MAC address tying them together to facilitate traffic flow past the boundaries of layer 3 network boundaries. This is where routers come in. MAC addresses are only important getting the frame/packet to the router, at that point it is then forwarded again based on the MAC/IP combination.

ANgry IP scanner would tell you, and you could locally perform an arp -a. routers use this to map MAC addresses when they are not known at a layer three boundary in order to assist with route forwarding for packets. this information is then stored in the arp cache of the device.MAC addresses exist per LAN, routers connect LAN boundaries at layer 3, hence tying the two together"

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:11pm
Yes all possible. So perhaps that is the answer. Appreciate the replies guys.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 5:14pm
If you're so sure that'll work try it yourself.

king1, Mar 17, 5:14pm
you know you should probably post a link to the page so the 'evidence' can be evaluated by everyone. For all we know it was a satirical page or said in jest. satire is amusing and allowed

king1, Mar 17, 5:23pm
That's a very specific circumstance using a controlled windows server network where you have access to the DHCP server (ie corporate network) - in normal internet access users and websites do not have access to this level of information

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:45pm
i intend to and will post findings.

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 5:46pm

just_looking_, Mar 17, 5:47pm
As mentioned earlier Facebook is a private platform, just like Google/YouTube etc. So, if they are somewhat left leaning, and more sympathetic to like-minded viewpoints/narratives it is at the end of the day their prerogative.
Basically, they can do what they like - it's their system.
If you don't like it, then don't use it.

I often search using DuckDuckGo, and keep an eye out for alternative search portals. Google is great for certain things, but not others.

However, the internet is still a relatively free market, and there are a number of engineers who'd love Facebook to force a notable chunk of their subscribers to look elsewhere.

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 5:49pm
Did you post the wrong link?

Anyway even if you could get the MAC address of a system across the internet (you can't) you said their person was using a VPN anyway which makes the whole point moot.

friendly_prawn, Mar 17, 6:01pm
Semi agree. They do have a monopoly and as such I think should be forced to have no bias. Such a powerful platform can have huge influence on world affairs. But alas you are right. Its their site and they can do with it as they like. Not fair, but I guess the world was never meant to be a fair place.

friendly_prawn, Jan 8, 9:52pm
yep he has vpn now so all a moot point.

Im not admitting defeat yet though. Im going to do a little experimenting and will see what i can come up with. Im probably on a road to no where, but nothing to lose.

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