Hard drive wiped?

rollerman1, Jun 5, 12:03pm
Hi All,
My computer was running Windows 10 and I received a warning that there was a problem detected in Windows defender/device,performance, health.
It suggested an automatic fix so I agreed.
The screen then went black with just a rotating circle in the middle.
Not being very computer literate, I just thought it was fixing the problem but this carried on for hours. I eventually rebooted the computer but it now states that there is no operating system. I have tried a reboot in safe mode but it won't even allow that.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

suicidemonkey, Jun 5, 12:15pm
Could be anything from a failed hard drive to a software issue. I would recommend getting a tech to have a look at it.

nice_lady, Jun 5, 12:23pm
What's the exact error message ? AT a guess i'd say the hard drive has karked it. Hope you had anything important backed up.

ianab, Jun 5, 12:26pm
Go into the system BIOS and see if the hard disk is being detected.

If it ins't, then you can check the cables connecting to it. Loose power or data cable will cause the hard disk to "vanish".

If it's all connected and still isn't found by the system, it's probably a dead disk. A dying disk could also account for the initial problem. System tried to repair itself, but the hardware has actually failed.

If the disk shows in BIOS, then Windows probably needs re-installing. But I've never seen a disk "wiped" in that way. Windows may be messed up and fail to load fully, but "No operating system" usually means no disk.

If all this makes no sense to you, then you need a techie to have a look at it.

mrfxit, Jun 5, 4:11pm
Most likely in no specific order .

Corrupted operating system or boot sector or partition table
DOA or dieing hdd
Loose cable/ s
Failing PSU
Dieing motherboard

There are a few more obscure possibility's

mr-word, Jun 5, 6:46pm
The hard drive failed Windows should give a s.m.a.r.t warning though.
A possibility is the partition table or master file table got wiped through an error with the hard drive and your data is still present on the hard drive.

nice_lady, Jun 5, 7:04pm
Smart warning only at boot. If the hdd fails suddenly and catastrophically you may not get any smart warning.

mr-word, Jun 5, 7:09pm
Windows 7 and up will let you know when your hard drive going to go.
Usually. But not in everyone's experience.


ianab, Jun 5, 7:50pm
The SMART diagnostics will come up if the disk is gradually deteriorating. If the onboard diagnostics detects more than a certain number of correctable errors or remapped bad blocks it flags the disk as "going bad".

But if you only get a few failures, or the drive suddenly drops dead, there is nothing to report.

So if SMART reports the drive going bad, then it gradually is. But a drive can also fail (quite often) with little or no warning.

mr-word, Jun 5, 9:39pm
I have had sata hard drive disappear and reappear on reboot because they are failing. But I think the issue is resolved. I hope rollerman1 hasn't lost any important data.

rollerman1, Nov 12, 6:55am
Hi all,
Thanks for your replies. I had a Techie look at the hard drive and it is indeed dead. No warning whatsoever except windows defender stating a device, performance & health fault then a black screen.
Bloody computers!
A great reminder to back everything up. I'm glad I took this advice and had copies of all my files.

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