Help - emails won't send on my Samsung S4

casswill, Feb 1, 9:13pm
I can receive them but not send. After sending it says message failed as failed to sign into my gmail account. I?

king1, Feb 1, 10:00pm
change the password to the correct one. There are usually two places in the settings to set the password 1. under incoming mail and 2. under outgoing mail.
It would seem outgoing password is incorrect

casswill, Feb 1, 10:12pm

Yes, I?

king1, Feb 1, 10:40pm
try logging into your gmail account and enable less secure apps if it is not

presume the settings are correct?, 465 or 587, and ssl enabled. Username is full email address

casswill, Feb 9, 5:51am
Thanks. All resolved now.

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