Wireless charging for Galaxy S6 Active.

friendly_prawn, Aug 16, 11:33am
I just bought a wireless charging pad for a Samsung galaxy S6 Active.
It doesn't appear to want to charge the phone. Googling I now understand the active S6 doesn't have a wireless charging capability built in. Googling further I have found I can buy a case / battery cover for it that will allow the phone to be charged wirelessly.

I cant seem to find these cases on trademe. Are they common and available in NZ? Or am I just missing them in my searches perhaps?

friendly_prawn, Aug 16, 11:35am
just found a site that says they can be wirelessly charged. My understanding is thats not true. Ok I rang samsung and they said this is not true. So am i right in saying this is misinformation from this website?

"3. CHOE Circle Qi Wireless Charging Pad: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active supports wireless charging just like the Galaxy S6. The CHOE Circle Qi Wireless Charging Pad lets you wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy S6 Active without the hassles of plugging in"


vtecintegra, Aug 16, 12:04pm
Depends on exactly what model your phone is - different ones meant for different markets have very different specs.

friendly_prawn, Aug 16, 12:39pm
cheers that makes sense. The reality is its not charging so it looks like it doesn't have wireless capability anyway. think I need a battery case that will allow it to be wirelessly charged. If I can find one.

friendly_prawn, Aug 17, 9:39pm
My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Active 6 and apparently is suposed to wireless charge capable. Model number SM-G890A It's looking more and more like the charger is faulty.

friendly_prawn, Aug 17, 9:56pm
Sorted. Had to take the phone cover off. Doh!

macman26, Sep 20, 2:43am
Last time my wife?

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