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king1, Jul 19, 10:27am
nice_lady thinks you are actually logged/signed in, even though you say you can't. look at the image in #24 - is that similar to what you see?

gazzat22, Jul 19, 10:42am
No but it only shows the folders that i can already access not those on the email address that has vanished

mark.p, Jul 19, 10:43am
Yeah the OP doesn't appear to be able to login from the Outlook login page.

nice_lady, Jul 19, 10:46am
So if you go to the top right link 'account', click it then click 'view account' it will show you the name of the account you are signed in with.

The 'vanished account'is a different name account?

nice_lady, Jul 19, 10:47am
They ARE logged in but not on the account they want.

king1, Jul 19, 10:49am
is the email address you are using now, the same email address as the email address that vanished?

Has the 'vanished' email address been dormant for a couple of years maybe? I believe Microsoft have policies around abandoned email addresses that involve deleting data.

mark.p, Jul 19, 10:54am
Isn't that the point of this thead. To log INTO the ACCOUNT?

gazzat22, Jul 19, 10:56am
Yep,but its for the email address i still have not the one i cant access.

gazzat22, Jul 19, 10:58am
No and No the one i,m using now is .,the vanished one was.

king1, Jul 19, 10:59am
so log out from this account then login to the correct account

as per nice_lady
If you look to the far right hand side of the web page at the very top. you'll see some icons . the furtherest most one will say 'Account' if you simply sit the mouse over it, (without clicking that mouse).

If you do click the mouse then it'll give you some options

One of which should be sign out

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:00am
That's a different answer to what you said in #33

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:02am

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:02am
Not sure why you think I'm not aware of this.
If you READ my posts you will see that I"m trying to ascertain that they are indeed signed in, (Yes it finally seems that MAY be the case), and then to see what addy they're signed in with . and THEN the next step would be to sign out and try logging in with the other account.

And, as usual, this kind of 'walk through' isn't easy. The Op has muddied the water a bit with their reply @ #33 and #35.

We await further developments.

mark.p, Jul 19, 11:06am
The OP can still access the account via the Samsung. It should be just a matter of using the settings from the Samsung email client to an email client on the laptop.

Couldn't be any simpler.

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:07am
Ok lets see you get that happening.

***Sits back with popcorn***

gazzat22, Jul 19, 11:11am
Ok i can get all the missing folders from the Outlook page by typing in the :"missing" address.I will now set up a new Gmail address in its place. Thanks all.

gazzat22, Jul 19, 11:11am
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. !

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:13am
Not sure what you mean. Do you mean you log in with the old addy ?

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:14am
I didn't think i was being sarcastic simply threw a challenge out there - and I like popcorn so there !

king1, Jul 19, 11:14am
nothing has been clear cut in this thread and you want OP to retrieve email settings from a phone and setup an email client on computer. Seriously?

mark.p, Jul 19, 11:18am
Yes, it should be fairly straight forward.

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:20am

@ mark.p: Get on with it then.

Offers king1 Popcorn.

king1, Jul 19, 11:20am
I think the : is a typo, and by 'typing', OP means got logged in with.

nice_lady, Jul 19, 11:22am
Thinking that.

king1, Jul 19, 11:22am
It's a great show - promises AND lies.

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