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mrfxit, Jul 20, 2:55pm
Should be able to use 2 different web browsers
I use Palemoon (cut down Firefox) & Firefox for that reason

king1, Jul 20, 3:29pm addresses are still valid, can still be used via, but MS are now no longer allowing new addresses based on the using hotmail and live domains

king1, Jul 20, 3:30pm
which I suspect is what OP was doing in the first place.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 3:47pm
FGS that would have been MUCH simpler all round.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 3:48pm
Get your daughter - you know the one who's "Head of the IT dept" to sort out two icons for you to click to log in. Each of which logs in to each of your accounts. Honestly any tech could do this in about 15 seconds.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 3:50pm
Oh and essentially that's what I was trying to get you to do.
It's actually ridiculously simple.
Next time you need some help please take a LOT of care to answer every question we ask as exactly as possible and to follow any and all instructions precisely.

king1, Jul 20, 3:51pm
you're allowing 14 seconds for remembering passwords I assume.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 4:53pm
Yeah TBH as the OP has discovered any 'tech' actually onsite could sort it out in a matter of a couple of minutes MAX.

It's very difficult through the medium of the MB.
Not to say it can't be done of course.

mark.p, Jul 20, 5:30pm
Replenished your pop-corn?

nice_lady, Jul 20, 5:32pm
Got more waiting for your next challenge. Maybe you'll be able to handle that one?

mrfxit, Jul 20, 5:33pm
I gave up & moved on to the Bourbon

black-heart, Jul 20, 5:35pm
Whats ESAD?
Is it like PEBCAK ? < oh look I found your problem.

Also try to keep in mind we didn't create your problem. You did.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 5:54pm
Hubbys' with you on that one Dave !

mark.p, Jul 20, 5:54pm

nice_lady, Jul 20, 5:56pm
I do agree with the last two statements also.

mark.p, Jul 20, 6:05pm
Sounds much healthier Dave. All that popcorn just goes to your hips.

gazzat22, Jul 22, 4:42pm
Thats what i I said in my first post.!

nice_lady, Oct 10, 3:46am
And that's when the trouble began.

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