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gazzat22, Jul 18, 2:57pm
Hope this makes sense. My wife has an IPad I have a Laptop.She only looks at her Email via her Ipad.I can look at my Emails by clicking on the Chrome symbol(on laptop) or as some of our addresses for bills etc are on her Email address click on Internet Explorer symbol)Some how my Email address has vanished and now i can only get emails sent to her address.How can I retrieve my email address.Hope this makes sense.Thanks

black-heart, Jul 18, 3:21pm
are you talking about accessing gmail through a web browser?
If so either log out your wifes gmail, and log into yours. (top right area) . Or there might be a letter or a picture, it will show you which accounts it knows about that you can switch between.

nice_lady, Jul 18, 3:55pm
What you were doing is clicking a Chrome link to a webpage where you emails are. Who set it up ? How did it get setup ? Not you ?

You haven't lost your email address you've simply lost the 'bookmark' to it. Who's the provider ?

god knows who ?

gazzat22, Jul 18, 4:03pm
It was set up by me when we only had one email address so i set one up for any purchasing on Trade Me as we were getting spam and other crap.They are both Hotmail 2. .nz ?.How do i retrieve the "Bookmark"to it

nice_lady, Jul 18, 4:11pm

And click on login.

Assuming the system has that info saved you won't need to input anything.
After you login re-save another bookmark.

gazzat22, Jul 18, 5:39pm
Sorry .Tried several times. just goes to and wont let me sign on/login.

nice_lady, Jul 18, 6:07pm
What happens when you try to sign in /log on - EXACTLY ?

gazzat22, Jul 18, 8:42pm
sorry got a bit distracted.when i signed in it goes to . outlook .com microsoft free personal mail create free account sign in.? Silly thing is i am still getting emails to my old email address on my samsung smart phone.!

spyware, Jul 18, 8:54pm
Handy that you don't know the password.

ianab, Jul 18, 9:03pm
When you get to the sign in screen, you have to enter both your name (email address) AND your password. If you don't know your password, that's the likely problem. If you have entered a backup email or cellphone number, then you can reset the password by getting a link or code sent to your other device.

The Samsung phone is still logged in, with the correct password, hence it's still getting emails. So nothing weird about that.

mark.p, Jul 18, 9:15pm
Might be able to drag the password off the samsung?

exwesty, Jul 18, 10:18pm
Login from the phone and reset the password.

gazzat22, Jul 18, 10:26pm
Well the problem is i cant sign in.What screen do i use that will let me sign in. I know what my password is but the screen i,m trying wont let me in.

mark.p, Jul 18, 10:30pm
You might be able the use it with the ipad email client.

king1, Jul 18, 10:49pm
enter email address
click next
enter password
click sign in

if that fails - whats the error message

gazzat22, Jul 19, 9:47am
Ido know the password.!

nice_lady, Jul 19, 9:51am
and ask that you actually respond ?

king1, Jul 19, 9:56am
and repeating " it won't let me sign in" is not helpful in any way

nice_lady, Jul 19, 9:59am
Yes - EXACT error messages, where possible, are much more helpful.

gazzat22, Jul 19, 10:06am
OK i click on the link you gave me,all it does is take me to the outlook mail box.I do sleep at night sometimes!.It appears to me my Hotmail address has been deleted as MS are replacing Hotmail with Outlook.By "It wont let me sign in" means i hover over a heading and whatever key i click on nothing bloody well happens.

gazzat22, Jul 19, 10:08am
There are NO error messages exact or otherwise!

king1, Jul 19, 10:13am
when you click on the link does the email box have your email address in it?

if not you need to type it in and click next.

dont post stuff about sleep or what you think is happening, this is just a distraction - only way to resolve this in a reasonable timespan is if you answer questions exactly

nice_lady, Jul 19, 10:15am
Ah finally.

So indeed it has let you sign in as yes Microsoft have replaced the 'old' hotmail with 'Outlook' . essentially it's not much different and it still uses the exact same email address and settings your hotmail had. I click on that same link and I'm in 'Outlook' also. yet I have a hotmail addy.

If you look to the far right hand side of the web page at the very top. you'll see some icons . the furtherest most one will say 'Account' if you simply sit the mouse over it, (without clicking that mouse).

If you do click the mouse then it'll give you some options
Goto 'view account' that'll show you your email addy.
On mine it says

Your's will be the same.

Can you be a bit more specific ?
I mean for instance on the left hand side of the 'Outlook' mail box you have several folders listed

Junk Mail
Sent items

Are you sayin if you click on one of those 'nothing happens' ?

nice_lady, Jul 19, 10:19am
After you click that link
what you are looking at
Does it look a like this or very similar ?

nice_lady, Jul 19, 10:25am
Yes you said that before.
Please answer #24


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