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jimbillyjimbob, Jul 4, 5:44pm
Last night by mistake I uninstalled windows 7 Home Premium from my HP laptop. How do I reinstall microsoft windows 7 Home Premium please?
Many thanks

mark.p, Jul 4, 5:45pm
How did you uninstall Windows 7? Model no. helps. Do you have install media? There may be a hidden install partition on the hdd.

jimbillyjimbob, Jul 4, 5:49pm
I went into control panel, unistall program.
Laptop model - HP Pavilion g6-1309au Notebook PC
No, I don't think I have install media.

mark.p, Jul 4, 5:49pm
Now would be a good time to consider an alternative operating system. What do you use the system for?

nice_lady, Jul 4, 5:53pm
You CAN'T uninstall the operating system from within the control panel it's impossible.

Forget about 'alternative operating systems' for now that's just muddying the waters.

What EXACTLY happens when you try to start the computer?

jimbillyjimbob, Jul 4, 5:56pm
Thanks nice_lady. do you mean shut down the computer and start it back up?

jimbillyjimbob, Jul 4, 5:58pm
When I hit 'start' the wee microsoft button on the button left, hit all programs, there is no word or excel programs there

mark.p, Jul 4, 6:00pm
So you've just removed word and excel?

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:01pm
Ah so you've uninstalled Microsoft office.

do this:

Look just to the right of the start button there's a search box thing there
type in rstrui.exe and then tap enter key
a box will pop up. click NEXT then click on a date prior to the problem then click next/next/next etc
hopefully this will Restore your office program.
The computer will restart during this process.

jimbillyjimbob, Jul 4, 6:01pm
mark.p, maybe I have just removed them. I hope so.

mark.p, Jul 4, 6:15pm
First thing to do is back up all your word and excel docs to external media or to a cloud solution such as One Drive.

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:20pm
And the rest of the files on the computer ?
Removing word/excel wont remove any documents and anyway in the end if the system restore Iv'e suggested doesn't help, (and it's possible it won't), all is not lost. The OP merely needs to install Libre office which is about
99.9% compatible with Ms office and all will be well again.

mark.p, Jul 4, 6:24pm
Now if nice_ladys suggestion doesn't work and you don't have media to reinstall Word and Excel you can do a number of things:

Buy media to install Word and Excel MS Office 2016
Subscribe to Office 365 for a monthly fee.
Install an alternative office suite such as Libre Office or WPS Office to see if they suite your needs. Both are free.

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:34pm
Or completely reinstall the system from the inbuilt recovery partition however that will result in the loss of ALL the user files presently on the system and set the computer back to the state it was in at the time of purchase.

mark.p, Jul 4, 6:36pm
That seems a bit of an overkill considering.

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:37pm
Most probably. It wasnt' necessarily a suggestion I'd advocate but simply a possibility.

mark.p, Jul 4, 6:37pm
With OEM installs there's usually a lot of extra crap loaded on the system.

jimbillyjimbob, Jul 4, 6:39pm
The restore worked.
When I go into word to create a word document it comes up with: "Microsoft Office has encountered a problem with licensing and will need to close. If this problem persists, uninstall and reinstall your product".

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:41pm
ok go back into the controlpanel
programs and features
and try this
Find Microsoft office in the list
RIGHT click on it ONE time
a small menu will popup
LEFT click repair
hopefully that'll help.

mark.p, Jul 4, 6:41pm
See #13

king1, Jul 4, 6:42pm
head back in to control panel / programs and features , but this time do a 'repair' of Microsoft Office

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:44pm
Can't imagine why they'd want to pay for another version of office. The install media is available online. If necessary it's only required to identify what version of Office they have.

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:45pm
Ha ! Beat ya.

king1, Jul 4, 6:46pm
and it might pay to backup the office product key while you can

since there is a licensing issue this may or may not backup the correct key

king1, Jul 4, 6:46pm

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