Computer can't detect expansion drive. Beeps.

zevion, Mar 28, 7:24pm
Hi, my computer can't detect my 1TB expansion drive and the drive itself is beeping. Any idea what the problem is?

suicidemonkey, Mar 28, 7:35pm
Could be a power issue - I've had it happen a couple of times when the HDD wasn't being supplied enough power and it was only partially spinning up (which can explain the beeping sound, as hard drives don't beep).

Try a different computer, and then if that doesn't work a new USB cable. If that doesn't work, the USB controller in the hard drive enclosure could be borked. or the drive itself.

zevion, Mar 28, 7:56pm
Thanks mate I'll give it a try

nice_lady, Mar 28, 8:33pm
You don't say whether that drive is a 'powered' one or merely runs off usb.

suicidemonkey, Mar 28, 8:38pm
Good point - if it's powered the power adapter could be the issue too. It's really just a simple process of elimination. Do the basics and then if nothing works, time to look at the drive itself.

black-heart, Mar 28, 9:04pm
Generally means the drive is stuffed. Sorry for your loss, you got backups though right?

suicidemonkey, Mar 28, 9:34pm
Not always. As I said, it has happened to me twice and it was a power related issue. But yes, it can indicate a stuffed drive too.

black-heart, Mar 28, 9:42pm
I have found many of the early USB 3.0 drives also have really flimsy connectors that bend / crack and become quite unreliable even though the disk itself is fine.

lythande1, Mar 29, 8:33am
Yes, I'd say power as well, not the drive itself.

duncb, Jan 1, 5:09pm
If it it does not have a separate power supply the drive will often have to be powered by two USB ports. In which case you will need to use the cable that would have come with the drive that connects two USB ports to the one USB port on the expansion drive

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