Chromecast connection woes

wembley1, Jul 9, 2:18pm
I have a Mk I Chromcast dongle plugged into my Sony flat screen TV.

A two band WiFi (2.4/5 Ghz). Internet connection Vodafone "FibreX".

An iPhone with four steaming apps (YouTube; TED talks; Lightbox; TVNZ) and also the Google Home app.

Until recently everything has worked fine. But now I am loosing the chromecast connection for the Lightbox & TVNZ apps. The little cast icon doesn't appear in the app.

The workaround I have found is to open the Google Home app and reboot the dongle. Opening Lightbox or TVNZ then shows the icon and I can cast a TV show or whatever. But there is no guarantee that the next time I open the app the connection is gone again.

Always Lightbox & TVNZ; never YouTube or TED.

Any ideas folks?

(And if if do get a Lightbox stream running, it will sometimes end up buffering and then finally come up with a "sorry lightbox has a problem plese come back later". I suspect this is unrelated to the above and more to do with my bad bandwidth).

nice_lady, Jul 9, 2:36pm
So at that point you are definitely still connected to home wifi on the phone ?

wembley1, Jul 9, 2:39pm
Yes - that's that paradox. YouTube video OK; latest episode of Handmaid's Tale no!

gaimon, Jul 9, 3:02pm
I cant help you, sorry, but I did have the same problem with Handmaids Tale. Turned it on later and all was well.

nice_lady, Jul 9, 3:04pm
Got both 1st and 2nd gen Chromecasts but not at home till much later so can't really help either. sorry.

nice_lady, Jul 9, 3:05pm
Can you stream the entire screen on Iphone ?
I can stream whatevers on my android screen. so that way you don't necessarily have to rely on an app.

wembley1, Oct 20, 3:00am
You mean like you can use Chrome on a windows PC to cast to the dongle?


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