4 port modem priority

nala2, Dec 27, 8:29pm
We have a 4 port VDSL2 modem supplied by Spark.
My wife and I are having a discussion (as you do) about who should have the No. 1 port on the modem for their PC.
My PC is more advanced than hers and she thinks I am hogging all the bandwidth because of that and I am No 1 on the modem.
Does No 1 make a difference in priority for downloads?

king1, Dec 27, 8:34pm
No difference at all - unless wife insists .

nice_lady, Dec 27, 8:39pm
That's new one on me. Lol.

ross1970, Dec 27, 8:42pm
Cable color always trumps port number used. Use a red cable to your desktop and you're sorted. Generally 18-20% faster than blue or yellow cable.

ross1970, Dec 27, 8:44pm
Of course there's a difference and well you know it. Stop being so flippant with your answers.

nice_lady, Dec 27, 8:58pm
Just let her plug into port #1. She'll be happy. You'll be happy. Everybody happy!

suicidemonkey, Dec 27, 9:02pm
Lol no, absolutely no difference. Thanks for the chuckle though :)

hkjoe, Dec 27, 10:10pm
Damn. That's why my computer is slow. My cable is blue. I'm down to PB tomorrow to change it to red.

sprinter51, Dec 28, 5:49pm
No No No

Ya gotta get the purple ones
They have more twists in the pairs

gyrogearloose, Dec 28, 7:56pm
You could solve this a number of ways; upgrade to a smarter woman; swap computers; buy her a computer more advanced than hers; downgrade to a computer less advanced than hers; stop using your computer altogether and instead sulk; upgrade the bandwidth; blame someone else, perhaps the children or neighbours; or perhaps instead establish where the bandwidth goes, perhaps her computer is stuck in an upgrade loop and as a result is slow and using all the bandwidth?

vtecintegra, Dec 28, 8:30pm
NZISM says red is to be used for CONFIDENTIAL and above, black for RESTRICTED and below

namtak, Dec 29, 12:03am
Don't know what you're smoking but I've always found blue cables to be much faster.

mark119, Mar 9, 8:47pm
Being serious for just one moment, maybe wifey has a sharp 90 degree or more bend in the lan cable. Or not being serious maybe wifey hasn't installed the drivers for the lan cables according to their colour and the data is going backwards instead of forwards. Confuse her with BS and the problem will go away at least until next year ;-)

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