I cannot get any sound

maryanne19, Mar 21, 2:27pm
from my laptop and noticed also the small sound icon has disappeared as well

Are they dependent on each other if that makes sense?

Have I inadvertently done something for loss of sound?

Thank you so so much for any assistance and all the best

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 5:05pm
Have you tried turning it off and on (restarting) again?

newbie5, Mar 21, 5:11pm
have you pushed the mute button

black-heart, Mar 21, 5:11pm
the small sound icon is the volume control, it usually changes to having a little X in it if its muted.

jonnythecat, Mar 21, 5:41pm
Do you know how to find hidden icons on your laptop? On mine it is a little arrow on right hand side down on the bottom bar. Click on it and brings up a panel with hidden icons. If you find it then you can see if it has been muted.

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 6:13pm
Arrow = 'carat' symbol - like upside-down V

maryanne19, Mar 21, 10:11pm
Thank you all so very much for your amazing help - I have actually found the small sound icon and sound is not muted

In the volumes control options are 4 boxes should any them be ticked or not please?

johnnythe cat thank you I do know the little arrow you mentioned I do not have one

Thank you mber2 a really stupid question where please is the mute button? and thank you also r.g.nixon I have tried turning off and restarting and yes I do have the 'carat' symbol

Despite getting music going still no sound probably something silly I may have inadvertently done

I am so grateful for all of your help

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 10:47pm
Different programs produce sound in different ways. Try an MP3 file. Try youtube. Try a WAV file (e.g. Alarm05 in C:\Windows\media)

jonnythecat, Mar 22, 7:13am
Maryanne19, do you know someone experienced in using a laptop who could help you in person? There are also community groups that provide tutorials such as Seniornet.

maryanne19, Mar 22, 2:21pm
I have been trying to get a message in this morning but there has been a problem with internet so will try again

CD's and DVD's are working well but You Tube still isn't - I was just watching Jonathon Coleman without sound o

I have tried your suggestions but sadly to no avail

johnnythe cat you are spot on I am enrolled at a Womans Centre but next appt is 4 April but hope to get the sound back by then

Will box along and my sincere thanks to you all

rpvr, Mar 22, 2:33pm
In Youtube, the mute button is the third button from the left in the tray at the bottom of the video while it's playing. It's a little speaker symbol and will have a line through it if it's on mute. If so just click on it and sound will come.

asmawa1, Mar 22, 3:12pm
Presuming that you are using Windows you could try system restore to reset your settings (not your documents) back to a time when sound was working.
For Win 10 type 'System restore' in the search bar. Then click on "Create a restore point' You will then see an option to access System Restore (about a third of the way down) Click on that and follow the options to restore to a previous day/time.
No files will be lost and there is an 'Undo' function if you want to go back to where you started.

r.g.nixon, Mar 22, 3:59pm
Sound *is* working. just not on youtube. It is a BROWSER issue.

bassmo1, Mar 22, 5:38pm
Have a look at the manual for your machine and find all the sound manipulators and then play with them. This has happened to us on various machines, it's always our own fault but looking for those ways of inadvertently turning off sound can then turn it on again.

r.g.nixon, Mar 22, 6:38pm
Try youtube with a different browser. You will have at least two already: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, perhaps Chrome or Firefox or Opera or Safari.

nice_lady, Mar 22, 6:43pm
Definitely !

spyware, Mar 22, 6:51pm
I would love to know where one would find the "manual".

maryanne19, Mar 22, 8:37pm
You guys are tremendous and there are such amazingly heipful suggestions

I have Windows 7 Live Mail and yes I am fairly sure I got a manual with it ? 5 years or so ago

I would so like for "us" to restore the sound and will certainly let you all know and what caused it in the first place

Will go back and keep on trying

Thank you all again

snoopy221, Mar 22, 8:39pm
windows 7 and in your post 7 about boxes
perhaps read the boxes and see if one is sound via webpage?

maryanne19, Mar 23, 1:26pm
Dear all who helped me

Sound is BACK and I am so happy

A friend of mine popped in and had a look did something on customise and bingo back in business - I do not know what I did in the first place

Once again a massive thanks and I am very grateful to you all for helping me so much

Have an amazing weekend and good luck to lotto takers

All the very best

bassmo1, Mar 23, 6:29pm
online is where you find them, I have two laptops and I have downloaded two manuals for them. https://mans.io/item/Lenovo/Y560

asmawa1, Mar 24, 5:32pm
That would be resolved with RESTORE !
(edited to use similair vocabulary)

r.g.nixon, Jan 4, 7:54am
But RESTORE will wipe out any Windows updates done since, and various other things.

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