M.2 mounting/standoff kit?

cptdarling, Jul 27, 11:55am
Where do I get the little mount and screw? Didn't get any with 2nd hand MB.

gyrogearloose, Jul 27, 12:03pm
Isn't the mount permanently attached to the board? I think the screw is just a standard disk drive mounting kind of screw.

cptdarling, Jul 27, 12:36pm
If its any brand except bloody Asus! Just ordered a set of 3 off Amazon $22.00. Now the wait begins.

mrfxit, Jul 27, 9:52pm
Oh dear, been saving those for years,
Tho, Nice kits available on amazon

cptdarling, Oct 5, 9:04am
What, Do you have the ones with the real skinny thread? I'd rather buy local than from overseas.

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