Software scam

rollerman1, Jun 7, 12:52pm
There is a company that was in the sponsored advertisers here on trademe who are selling fake software, or more to the point, software that is downloaded over the internet that not only has an expired license, but is also loaded with a virus that wipes your hard drive.
The company is ATT Software
Their website lists dozens of Microsoft products and offices in USA, Canada, UK and Australia but all turn out to be fake.
TradeMe have been made aware of this company but I would hate to see anyone else lose money to them.

nice_lady, Jun 7, 1:05pm
What do you mean 'in the sponsored advertisers here on trademe' ?
Did you see an advert for them on the trademe site somewhere ?
How do you know the software has an expired licence ?
How do you know it comes with a 'virus that wipes your drive' ?
How do you know they're 'fake' ?

Edit: Possibly dodgy -

I do await some more info from the OP though.

suicidemonkey, Jun 7, 1:14pm
Yerp. lots of accusations with no evidence

lythande1, Jun 7, 1:33pm
And this is TMS fault? Anyone who buys without doing their research can only blame themselves.

mrfxit, Jun 7, 3:26pm
Not really.
TM is a trusted website & should be doing due diligence better.
But yea, if it's popular & cheap & easy, be aware

nice_lady, Jun 7, 3:42pm
TM may know nothing about it. Very probably it's a google placed advert possibly only showing up in the OP's browser and no-one elses ?

king1, Jun 7, 4:02pm
you only gotta look at the prices on that site to know its not legit

morticia, Jun 7, 4:04pm
TM sponsored software or malware advertising targeting?

king1, Jun 7, 4:05pm
aussie branch is 62 Smallwood Place, which only goes up to 29

mr-word, Jun 8, 1:03pm
Complain to google about the ad.

nice_lady, Jun 8, 2:39pm
Lol that's a giveaway !

black-heart, Jun 8, 5:39pm
Firstly run adwcleaner to make sure its not a browser hijack / malware plug in.
Secondly install an ad blocker. like Ublock origin

rollerman1, Jun 15, 3:18pm
Any other questions?

nice_lady, Jun 15, 3:31pm
I can't see any category of 'sponsored trader' on trademe's main page ?
Please be specific as to how this virus which was supposedly packaged with the product wiped your drive ? Was it indeed wiped entirely so that after it did the dirty work when you went to restart the computer it said 'no operating system found' ? OR ?


aktow, Nov 4, 12:57am
and the toronto address is fake, their website says 2965 Yonge St but between 2875 Yonge St and 3083 Yonge St is a memorial garden, bush and 2 roads leading to more houses,, there is no 2965,, i went to google maps,, sorry i have no life,,,

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