Help please with hearing videos on FB

cybernan2, May 6, 6:18pm
I am having a problem hearing some videos on facebook. They are only the ones which have a small red coloured sign at the top left of the video which says 'live'. All others I can hear okay. . and yes I do have both my sound and the video sound turned up full. Help please.

suicidemonkey, May 6, 6:24pm
What device, operating system and browser do you use

cybernan2, May 6, 6:41pm
desktop comp. win10 google chrome browser. Only bought it last year

cybernan2, May 6, 6:55pm
have rebooted comp, but still the same result :(

cybernan2, May 6, 7:06pm
interesting. I can get it on my phone!

suicidemonkey, Dec 5, 10:48pm
Yes, probably an issue with Chrome. Try a new browser (Edge will already be on your computer). If it works on that, Chrome may need to be reinstalled.

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