Old windows 10 into upgraded computer - possible?

mutation, Apr 25, 1:01pm
Hi - I'm thinking of upgrading from my fx6300+mb+mem current hardware to an intel setup, which would mean new MB, CPU, Mem etc. Is it possible to just install my current SSD with this new gear or will I need to buy another win 10 etc and clean install it?cheers. any tips appreciated

r.g.nixon, Apr 25, 1:18pm
As long as you're activated with a Microsoft account rather than a 'local' account, that should work. It works with Win 10 Pro. You may have to get help activating it if was an OEM or Home version.

But wait for a second opinion. Sometimes I'm wrong.

ross1970, Apr 25, 1:28pm
You're a devoted creationist . you're next level wrong to the nth degree.

r.g.nixon, Apr 25, 1:38pm
As long as n=0, I agree.

1blizzy, Apr 25, 2:29pm
This happen to me when I made a new computer in Febr.
Made a new computer 10 days ago ,all components are new, but not my SSD ( took this out my old computer) with Windows 10 Pro with digital license to Microsoft installed.
With started up the new computer all went right ,Windows 10 Pro no problem,until I toughed new computer ,why not reset the Windows 10 Pro.
And now the fun started ,after the reset was finished ,I could not activate Windows 10 Pro anymore,Microsoft digital license did not recognize my computer.
I tried everything to activate ,no luck and had to buy an new Windows 10 Pro.

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r.g.nixon, Apr 25, 2:39pm
Did it ask for a license key? If so, did you say "I don't have a key"? You will find that it will activate automatically soon afterwards.

black-heart, Apr 25, 5:23pm
Just buy one off ebay for like $5, they work fine.

schizoid, Apr 25, 6:11pm
from what I hear (haven't actually used it myself yet) Win 10 is pretty good at carrying on without error after replacing drivers, even ones as different as going from AMD to Intel. So hopefully shouldn't even require an OS reinstall.

mutation, Apr 25, 6:59pm
thanks for all the input. Ive only have win 10 home (OEM) , so Im expecting issues. Unless I go back to Win 7 which is tempting as Ive never really liked 10. havent fully decided yet though

newbie5, Apr 27, 5:38pm
I would have thought since you are just installing the old drive that has win 10 already installed it would not make any difference as far as activation goes as it already is.
just my thoughts but I may be wrong

gilco2, Apr 30, 4:13pm
I built new computer and installed Windows 10 pro from old build. Didnt activate but just chose trouble shoot and it lists previous activated computer. Just clicked on the old one and it activated the new one. Cant remember the actual options but they are there and worked fine

paul_stirling, May 1, 1:25pm
I did exactly this going from a PhenomII system to a i7 6700 system.

Just plugged in the hard drive turned it on and away it went

d.snell, Dec 6, 6:01am
Same here with ASUS laptop. Old one died with failing power board cct. Bought another but it was and I5 instead of an AMD AM6. Swapped HDD ,system booted and found all the new hardware and away we went. No Issues whatsoever.

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