I have lost control of my printer.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 16, 11:19pm
in the last few days I can no longer change the settings in my hp5500 and for some reason when I go to print a card in publisher it prints duplex - which means it's doing a blank side first & then printing the back side. alas the weight of card I use for single side [folded into 1/4's] doesn't go through duplex & gets stuck. my computer is win7 & even on my win10 laptop its the same. partners computer is physically attached through the modum, but he can't change the settings either.
when I go into settings all I get is are choices about prompting when printing?

urbanrefugee54, Dec 16, 11:24pm
have just printed from word. seems that I can't print from publisher .

urbanrefugee54, Dec 16, 11:26pm
how dare they just before xmas & I still have to print my xmas cards & have a heap of birthdays. have been slaving away over a hot sewing machine to get the gifts made.

lythande1, Dec 17, 7:53am
What settings? The actual printer preferences? Uninstall it then, then reinstall it.

r.g.nixon, Dec 17, 8:10am
We have had problems from Publisher on occasion. Print it to a PDF file first, then print the PDF to the printer.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 17, 8:37am
on my upstairs computer I have an older mono laser brother 5140 to just print out patterns - the win10 laptop won't even talk to it, even though it's pugged into it. I've been having to send anything I want printed down to the modum & be printed by the big printer.

Have been running some trial & error. anything on an older format is doing funny things in publisher - like the duplex doing the 2nd side first in a single sided item. but none of our computers can access any of the settings menus. my win7 has more of a restricted access than the other two win10 we have.

aggghh partner keeps telling me that I seem to have more problems than he does. but he doesn't print on specialty papers or have to change the formats like I do.

black-heart, Dec 17, 6:43pm
Have you tried turning it (all of it ) off and on again?
HAHA publisher.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 29, 10:33pm
I have read on other forums that the updates have meant that some things have to be 'reinstated'. so delete the printer & then redo the driver. for some reason the update on my win7 computer changed the printer settings to such a degree that it's not the same printer. the size of a small fridge my hp5500 does many things - but it seems that my win7 now has a different print setting menu to my win10 upstairs.

urbanrefugee54, Mar 9, 9:19pm
have you ever watched a series called 'the IT crowd' with Richard Ayoade [travel man]. that is the main phrase they use. I love my publisher.

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